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manta / blanket
manta   1   -noun feminine
1. (para taparse)   blanket
a. a manta
·repartieron vino y comida a manta
·they handed out food and wine in abundance
·llovía a manta
·it was raining buckets
·la policía dio palos a manta
·the police didn't hold back with their truncheons
b. [liarse] la manta a la cabeza   to take the plunge
c. [tirar] de la manta   to let the cat out of the bag,   give the game away
·manta de viaje   travelling rug,   traveling rug United States
·manta eléctrica   electric blanket
·manta ignífuga   fire blanket
2. (Latin America)
(=calicó)   coarse cotton cloth
(=poncho)   poncho
3. *
(=paliza)   hiding
·les dieron una buena manta de palos
·they gave them a good hiding o beating with a stick
4. (zoology)   manta ray
manta / bone-idle
manta   2   *
A. -adjective   bone-idle
B. -noun masculine and feminine   idler,   slacker
C. -noun feminine   idleness
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