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malo / bad
malo ,   a
A. -adjective
mal   antes de noun masculine singular
1. (=perjudicial)   bad
·es malo para la salud
·it'noun bad for your health
·masculineánoun vale lo malo conocido (que lo bueno por conocer)
·better the devil you know (than the devil you don't)
2. (=imperfecto)   bad
·esta película es bastante mala
·this is a pretty bad film
·un chiste malísimo
·a really bad joke,   a terrible joke
·este papel es malo para escribir
·this paper is bad for writing
·mala calidad
·poor quality
·es una tela muy mala
·it'noun a very poor-quality material
·joyas malas
·fake jewels
·[ni] un(a) mal(a) ...
·no hay [ni] un mal bar para tomar algo
·there isn't a single little bar where we can get a drink
3. (=adverso)   bad
·he tenido mala suerte
·I've had bad luck,   I've been unlucky
·eso es una mala señal
·that'noun a bad sign
·--es tarde y no ha llamado --¡malo!
·"it'noun late and she hasn't called" -- "oh dear!"
·malo sería que no ganáramos
·it would be a disaster if we didn't win
·[lo] malo es que ...
·the trouble is (that) ...
4. (=desagradable)   bad
·un mal día
·a bad day
·el tiempo estuvo muy malo todo el verano
·we had really bad weather all summer
·un olor muy malo
·a bad o nasty smell
5. (=podrido)
·esta carne está mala
·this meat'noun off
6. (=reprobable)   wrong
·¿qué tiene de malo?
·what'noun wrong with that?
·¿qué tiene de malo comer helados en invierno?
·what'noun wrong with eating ice cream in winter?
·van por mal camino
·they'll come to no good if they carry on like this
·es una mala persona
·he'noun a bad person
·una bruja mala
·a wicked witch
7. (=travieso)   naughty
·¡no seas malo!
·don't be naughty!
8. (=enfermo)   ill
·mi hija está mala
·my daughter'noun ill
·tienes muy mala cara
·you look awful o really ill
·se puso malo despuénoun de comer
·he started to feel ill after lunch
·me puse malo de reírme
·I nearly died laughing
·tengo mala la garganta
·I've got a sore throat
9. (=inepto)   bad
·ser malo para algo
·to be bad at something
·soy muy mala para la feminineísica
·I'masculine very bad at physics
10. (=difícil)   hard,   difficult
·es un animal malo de domesticar
·it'noun a hard o difficult animal to tame
·es muy malo de vencer
·he'noun very hard o difficult to beat
11. [a] la mala
(Latin America)
(=a la fuerza)   by force,   forcibly
(=de forma traicionera)   treacherously
b. andar [a] malas con somebody, someone   to be on bad terms with somebody
·[ponerse] a malas con somebody, someone
·to fall out with somebody
c. estar [de] malas
(=de mal humor)   to be in a bad mood
(=sin suerte)   to be out of luck
d. [venir] de malas   to have evil intentions
e. [por] las malas   by force,   willy-nilly
B. -noun masculine/feminine
(=personaje)   (theatre)   villain   (cinema)   baddie *
C. -noun masculine
·el malo
(religion)   the Evil One,   the Devil
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