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madre / mother
A. -noun feminine
1. (=pariente)   mother
·[ser] madre
·to be a mother
·[futura] madre
·su señora madre
(especially Mexicoéx)   your mother
·[sin] madre
·¡madre masculineía!
·good heavens!
·madre adoptiva   adoptive mother
·madre biológica   biological mother
·madre de alquiler   surrogate mother
·madre de Dios   Mother of God
·¡madre de Dios!
·good heavens!
·madre de familia   mother
·madre generallyética   biological mother
·madre nodriza   surrogate mother
·la Madre Patria   the Mother Country,   the Old Country
·madre política   mother-in-law
·madre soltera   single mother,   unmarried mother
·madre trabajadora   working mother
2. (religion)   (en convento)   mother   (en asilo)   matron
·madre superiora   Mother Superior
3. como su madre lo echó al mundo o lo parió   *   in his birthday suit *,   starkers *
b. ni madre   *   not a dicky bird *,   not a sausage *
c. ciento y la madre   *   hundreds of people
d. ahí está la madre del cordero   *   that'noun just the trouble,   that'noun the crux of the matter
e. darle a somebody, someone en la madre
(Mexicoéx)   *   to wallop somebody *,   thump somebody
f. mentarle la madre a somebody, someone   to insult somebody violently
g. ¡(me cago en) la madre que te parió!   ***   fuck off! ***
h. no tener madre
·él no tiene madre
*   he'noun a real swine *
·esto no tiene madre
*   this is the limit
i. a toda madre
j. de la madre
(Latin America)   **   great *,   fantastic *
k. ¡tu madre!   ***   up yours! ***,   get stuffed! ***
4. (=origen)   origin,   cradle
5. [de río]   bed
·[salirse] de madre
[río]   to burst its banks
[persona]   to lose all self-control
[proceso]   to go beyond its normal limits
b. sacar de madre a somebody, someone   to upset somebody
6. [de vino]   dregs plural,   sediment
7. (agriculture)
(=acequia)   main channel,   main irrigation ditch
(=alcantarilla)   main sewer
8. (en juegos)   home
9. (anatomy)   womb
10. (Andes)   dead skin,   scab
11. **   queer **,   fag United States United States
B. -adjective
1. (=de origen)
·acequia madre
·main channel
·alcantarilla madre
·main sewer
·buque madre
·mother ship
·lengua madre
(linguistics)   parent language
2. ·color madre
·dominant colour
·la cuestiónoun madre
·the chief problem,   the central problem
3. (Latin America)   *
·una regañada madre   a real telling-off *,   one hell of a telling-off **
Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged and Audio Headword Pronunciation (Spanish) 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co Ltd. 1971,1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992,1993,1996,1997,2000,2003,2005.
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