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let down / bajar
let down   let   1   -transitive verb + adverb
1. (=lower)
[+window]   bajar
[+hair]   soltar,   dejar suelto   (on rope)   bajar
a. to let one'noun hair down   soltarse la melena *
2. (=lengthen)
[+dress, hem]   alargar
3. (=deflate)
[+tyre]   desinflar
4. (figurative)
4.1. (=disappoint)   defraudar
(=fail)   fallar
·the weather let us down
·el tiempo nos defraudó
·we all felt let down
·todos nos sentimos defraudados
·I trusted you and you let me down
·confié en ti y me fallaste
·I was badly let down
·me llevé un gran chasco
·this car has never let me down yet
·hasta ahora este coche nunca me ha fallado
·my backhand lets me down
·el revénoun me falla
·to let [o.noun.] down
·quedar mal
a. to let the side down
·she would never let the side down
·jamánoun nos haría quedar mal,   jamánoun nos fallaría
4.2. ·to let somebody down gently
·amortiguarle el golpe a somebody, someone
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