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leche / milk
leche   -noun feminine
1. [de mamífero]   milk
·se ha cortado la leche
·the milk has gone off
·café con leche
·white coffee,   coffee with milk
·chocolate con leche
·milk chocolate
b. estar con o tener la leche en los labios   to be young and inexperienced,   be wet behind the ears
·leche completa   full-cream milk,   whole milk
·leche condensada   condensed milk
·leche de larga duraciónoun
·leche de larga vida   long-life milk
·leche del día   fresh milk
·leche descremada
·leche desnatada   skimmed milk
·leche en polvo   powdered milk
·leche entera   full-cream milk,   whole milk
·leche evaporada   evaporated milk
·leche frita   dessert made of milk thickened with flour, coated with egg and fried
·leche homogeneizada   homogenized milk
·leche materna   mother'noun milk
·leche merengada   milkshake flavoured with cinnamon
·leche pasteurizada   pasteurised milk
·leche semidesnatada   semi-skimmed milk
·leche sin desnatar
(Spain)   whole milk
·leche UHT   long-life milk,   UHT milk
2. (botany)   milk,   milky juice
(Bolivia)   rubber
(Caribe)   rubber tree
·leche de coco   coconut milk
3. (=lociónoun)
·leche corporal   body lotion
·leche hidratante   moisturizer,   moisturizing lotion
·leche limpiadora   cleanser,   cleansing milk
4. ***
(=semen)   cum ***,   spunk ***
5. **
·darse una leche
to come a cropper *
·se ha dado una leche con la moto
he came a cropper on his motorbike *
·¡te voy a dar una leche!
I'll thump you! *
·se liaron a leches   they laid into each other *,   they started swinging at each other *
6. ser la leche   **
(=el colmo)
·cantando es la leche
(=bueno)   when he sings he'noun a bloody marvel **
(=malo)   when he sings he'noun bloody awful **
·nunca se acuerdan de llamar, ¡son la leche!
·they never think to call, they're unbelievable!
7. **
(como interjeciónoun)
·hell!,   shit ***
(=ni hablar)   no way! *,   get away!
8. **   (con valor enfático)
a. [de la] leche   **   bloody **
·hace un calor de la leche
·it'noun bloody hot
·¡este tráfico de la leche me tiene frita!
·I'masculine fed up with this bloody traffic!
b. [ni] leche o leches
·no entiende ni leche
he doesn't understand a bloody thing **
c. [qué] leche
·¿qué leche quieres?
what the hell do you want? **
·¡qué coche ni qué leche!
car my foot! *
9. (indicando velocidad)
a. ir a toda leche   **   to go like the clappers *
b. salió echando o cagando leches   ***   he went like a bat out of hell *
10. [mala] leche   **   bad blood,   ill-feeling
·aquí hay mucha mala leche
·there'noun a lot of bad blood o ill-feeling here
·un tío con muy o mucha mala leche
a nasty piece of work *
·estar de mala leche
to be in a shitty mood **
·poner a somebody, someone de mala leche
to piss somebody off ***
·tener mala leche
to be a nasty piece of work *
11. **
·tuvimos que rellenar informes, impresos y toda esa leche
we had to fill in reports, forms and all that jazz *
12. (especially Latin America)
(=suerte)   good luck
·¡qué leche tienes!
you lucky o jammy * devil!
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