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leave / permiso
leave   [li:v]
left   verb: past tense   past participle
A. -noun
1. formal usage
(=permission)   permiso (m)
a. to [ask] leave to do something =   pedir permiso para hacer algo
b. [by] your leave     con permiso de usted
·without so much as a "by your leave"
·sin pedir permiso a nadie
c. I [take] leave to doubt it =   me permito dudarlo
2. (=permission to be absent)   permiso (m)   (military)   (brief)   permiso (m)   (lengthy, compassionate)   licencia (f)
a. leave of [absence] =   permiso (m) para ausentarse
b. to be [on] leave =   estar de permiso or Southern Cone licenciado
3. (=departure)
·to take (one'noun) leave (of somebody)
·despedirse (de somebody, someone)
a. to [take] leave of one'noun [senses] =   perder el juicio
·have you [taken] leave of your [senses]?
·¿te has vuelto loco?
B. -transitive verb
1. (=go away from)   dejar,   marcharse de
[+room]   salir de,   abandonar
[+hospital]   salir de
[+person]   abandonar,   dejar
·I'll leave you at the station
·te dejo en la estaciónoun
·I must leave you
·tengo que despedirme or marcharme
·you may leave us
formal usage   puede retirarse formal usage
a. she leaves [home] at 8am =   sale de casa a las ocho
·he left home when he was 18
·se fue de casa a los 18 años
b. to leave one'noun [post]   (improperly)   abandonar su puesto
c. to leave the [rails] =   descarrilar,   salirse de las vías
d. the car left the [road] =   el coche se salió de la carretera
e. to leave [school]
(=finish studies)   terminar el colegio
f. to leave the [table] =   levantarse de la mesa
g. he has left his [wife] =   ha dejado or abandonado a su mujer
2. (=forget)   dejar,   olvidar
3. (=bequeath)   dejar,   legar
4. (=allow to remain)   dejar
·to leave two pages blank
·dejar dos páginas en blanco
·to leave things lying about
·dejar las cosas de cualquier modo
a. it'noun best to leave him [alone] =   es mejor dejarlo solo
·to leave somebody alone or in peace
·dejar a somebody, someone en paz
b. let'noun leave it [at] that =   dejémoslo así,   ¡ya está bien (así)!
c. this left me [free] for the afternoon =   eso me dejó la tarde libre
d. to leave one'noun [greens] =   no comer las verduras
e. to leave a good [impression] on somebody =   producir a somebody, someone una buena impresiónoun
f. it leaves [much] to be desired =   deja mucho que desear
g. to leave one'noun [supper] =   dejar la cena sin comer
h. [take] it or leave it =   lo tomas o lo dejas
i. leave it [to] me! =   ¡yo me encargo!,   ¡tú, déjamelo a masculineí!
·I'll leave it up to you
·lo dejo a tu criterio
·I leave it to you to judge
·júzguelo usted
j. he leaves a [wife] and a child =   le sobreviven su viuda y un hijo,   deja mujer y un hijo
k. to leave something [with] somebody =   dejar algo en manos de somebody, someone,   entregar algo a somebody, someone
·I left the children with my mother
·dejé los niños con mi madre
·leave it with me
·yo me encargaré del asunto
5. to [be] left
(=remain)   quedar
·there'noun nothing left
·no queda nada
·how many are (there) left?
·¿cuántos quedan?
·we were left with four
·quedamos con cuatro,   nos quedaron cuatro
·nothing was left for me but to sell it
·no tuve masculineánoun remedio que venderlo
·there are three left over
·sobran tres
b. all the money I [have] left =   todo el dinero que me queda
6. (mathematics)
·three from ten leaves seven
·diez menos tres son siete,   de tres a diez van siete
C. -intransitive verb   (go out)   salir   (go away)
[person]   irse,   marcharse,   partir
[train, bus]   salir
·the train is leaving in ten minutes
·el tren sale dentro de diez minutos
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