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lean / delgado
lean   1   [li:n]
A. -adjective
leaner   comparative
leanest   superlative
1. (=slim)   [person, body]   delgado,   enjuto   [animal]   flaco
·companies will need to be leaner in order to compete
·las compañías tendránoun que racionalizarse para ser masculineánoun competitivas
2. (=not prosperous)   [times]   difícil   [harvest]   pobre
·to have a lean [time] of it
·pasar por una mala racha
·lean [years]
años masculine plural de vacas flacas
3. (=not fatty)   [meat]   magro,   sin grasa
4. (automobiles)
·lean [mixture]
mezcla (f) pobre
B. -noun
(culinary, cooking )   magro (m)
lean / inclinarse
lean   2   [li:n]
leaned or leant   past tense   past participle
A. -intransitive verb
1. (=slope)   inclinarse,   ladearse
·to lean to(wards) the left/right
(literally)   estar inclinado hacia la izquierda/derecha   (figurative)   (politics)   inclinarse hacia la izquierda/la derecha
·to lean towards somebody'noun opinion
·inclinarse por la opiniónoun de somebody, someone
2. (for support)   apoyarse
·to lean on/against something
·apoyarse en/contra algo
·to lean on somebody
(literally)   apoyarse en somebody, someone   (figurative)
(=put pressure on)   presionar a somebody, someone
·to lean on somebody for support
(figurative)   contar con el apoyo de somebody, someone
B. -transitive verb
·to lean a ladder/a bicycle against a wall
·apoyar una escala/una bicicleta contra una pared
·to lean one'noun head on somebody'noun shoulder
·apoyar la cabeza en el hombro de somebody, someone
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