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leading / principal
leading   [ˈli:dɪŋ]
A. -adjective
1. (=foremost)   [expert, politician, writer]   principal,   masculineánoun destacado   (industry)   [producer]   principal   [company, product, brand]   líder   (theatre, cinema)   [part, role]   principal,   de protagonista
·one of Britain'noun leading writers
·uno de los principales or masculineánoun destacados escritores británicos
·to play the leading [role] or part in
[+film, play]   interpretar el papel principal or de protagonista en
2. (=prominent)   [expert, politician, writer]   destacado
·leading scientists believe it will be possible
·destacados científicos creen que será posible
·a leading member of the Sikh community
·un miembro destacado de la comunidad sij
·a leading industrial nation
·un paínoun industrializado líder,   uno de los principales países industrializados
·to play a leading [role] or part in something
(figurative)   jugar un papel importante or destacado en algo
3. (in race)   [athlete, horse, driver]   en cabeza,   que va a la cabeza   (in procession, convoy)   que va a la cabeza
B. -compound
·leading article   -noun
(British, Great Britain)   (Press)   articleículo (m) de fondo,   editorial (m)
·leading edge   -noun   (aeronautics)
a. [of wing]   borde (m) anterior
(=forefront)   vanguardia (f)
·to be [at] or [on] the leading edge of
·estar a la vanguardia de
·leading lady   -noun   (theatre)   primera actriz (f)   (cinema)   protagonista (f)
·leading light   -noun   figura (f) principal
·leading man   -noun   (theatre)   primer actor (m)   (cinema)   protagonista (m)
·leading question   -noun   pregunta (f) capciosa
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