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lay / poner
lay   1   [leɪ]
A. -transitive verb
laid   past tense, past participle
1. (=place, put)   poner,   colocar
[+carpet, lino]   poner,   extender
[+bricks]   poner,   colocar
[+pipes]   (in building)   instalar
[+cable, mains, track, trap]   tender
[+foundations]   echar
[+foundation stone]   colocar
[+bomb, explosives]   colocar
[+mines]   sembrar
a. I haven't laid [eyes] on him for years =   hace años que no lo veo
b. I didn't lay a [finger] on it! =   ¡no lo toqué!
c. to lay something [flat] =   extender algo (sobre la mesa etcetera)
d. I don't know where to lay my [hands] on ... =   no nouné dónde echar mano a or conseguir ...
e. to lay something [over] or [on] something =   extender algo encima de algo
2. (=prepare)
[+fire]   preparar
[+plans]   hacer
a. to lay the [table]
(British, Great Britain)   poner la mesa
·the best laid plans (of mice and men) can go astray
·el hombre propone y Dios dispone
3. (=present)
[+plan, proposal]   presentar   (before   a)
[+accusation, charge]   hacer
[+complaint]   formular,   presentar
a. to lay a [claim] before somebody =   presentar una reivindicaciónoun a somebody, someone
b. to lay the [facts] before somebody =   presentar los hechos a somebody, someone
4. (=attribute)
[+blame]   echar
[+responsibility]   atribuir   (on   a)
·to lay the [blame] (for something) on somebody
·echar la culpa (de algo) a somebody, someone
5. (=flatten, suppress)
[+corn]   abatir,   encamar
[+dust]   matar
[+doubts, fears]   acallar
[+ghost]   conjurar
6. (=cause to be)
a. to lay a town [flat] =   arrasar or destruir una ciudad
b. he has been laid [low] with flu =   la gripe lo ha tenido en cama
c. to lay o.noun. [open] to attack/criticism =   exponerse al ataque/a la crítica
d. to be laid to [rest] =   ser enterrado
7. [+bet]   hacer
[+money]   apostar   (on   a)
·I'll lay you a fiver on it!
·¡te apuesto cinco libras a que es así!
·to lay that ...
·apostar a que ...
·they're laying bets on who is going to leave next
·hacen apuestas sobre quiénoun será el próximo en marcharse
8. [+egg]
[bird, reptile]   poner
[fish, amphibian, insect]   depositar
·it lays its eggs on/in ...
[fish, amphibian, insect]   deposita los huevos or desova en ...
9. **
(=have sex with)   tirarse a ***,   follarse a Spain Spain
B. -intransitive verb
[hen]   poner (huevos)
C. -noun
1. [of countryside, district etcetera]   disposiciónoun (f),   situaciónoun (f)
·the lay of the land
(United States)   la configuraciónoun del terreno   (figurative)   la situaciónoun,   el estado de las cosas
2. ·hen in lay
gallina (f) ponedora
·to come into lay
·empezar a poner huevos
·to go out of lay
·dejar de poner huevos
3. **
·she'noun an easy lay
es una tía feminineácil *
·she'noun a good lay
se lo hace muy bien **
4. ***
(=act)   polvo *** (m)
D. -compound
·lay days   -noun plural   (commerce)   días masculine plural de detenciónoun or inactividad
lay   2   [leɪ]   -past tense
lay / laico
lay   3   [leɪ]
A. -adjective   (religion)   laico,   lego,   seglar
(=non-specialist)   lego,   profano,   no experto
B. -compound
·lay brother   -noun   (religion)   donado (m),   lego (m),   hermano (m) lego
·lay person   -noun   (religion)   lego (m) / lega (f)
(=non-specialist)   profano (m) / profana (f)
·lay reader   -noun   (religion)   persona laica encargada de conducir parte de un servicio religioso
·lay sister   -noun   (religion)   donada (f),   lega (f)
lay / trova
lay   4   [leɪ]   -noun   (music, literature)   trova (f),   canciónoun (f)
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