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large / grande
large   [lɑ:dȝ]
A. -adjective
larger   comparative
largest   superlative
1. (in size)   [house, object, organization]   grande   [person]   corpulento   [area]   grande,   extenso
·a large room
·una gran habitaciónoun,   una habitaciónoun grande
·in large doses the toxin is fatal
·en grandes dosis, la toxina es mortal
·he has very large feet
·tiene unos pies muy grandes
·do you have (it in) a larger size?
·¿lo tiene en una talla masculineánoun grande?
a. [by] and large =   en general
b. to [grow] larger =   crecer
c. as large as [life] =   en carne y hueso,   en persona
·he was a larger-than-life character
·era una persona que se salía de lo corriente
·the central character is a larger-than-life, cantankerous Italian
·el personaje principal es un italiano exuberante y cascarrabias
d. to [make] larger =   hacer masculineánoun grande
[+premises etcetera]   ampliar,   ensanchar
e. in large [part] =   en gran parte
2. (in number)   [family, group, army]   numeroso,   grande   [sum, amount]   grande,   importante
·a large group of people
·un grupo numeroso or grande de personas
a. a large [crowd] had gathered =   se había formado un gran gentío
b. a large [number] of them =   un gran nounúmero de ellos
·large numbers of people came
·vinieron muchísimas personas,   vinieron gran nounúmero de personas
c. a large [proportion] of =   una gran proporciónoun de
d. a large [quantity] of =   una gran cantidad de
3. (commerce)   de tamaño grande
(on clothing label)   grande   (on food packet, washing powder, etcetera)   tamaño familiar
·a dozen large envelopes
·una docena de sobres de tamaño grande
B. -noun
a. [at] large
1. (=in general)
·the country/society at large
·el paínoun/la sociedad en general
2. (=on the loose)
·to be at large
[dangerous person, animal]   andar suelto
C. -adverb
D. -compound
·the large [intestine]   -noun   (anatomy)   el intestino grueso
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