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lanza / lance
A. -noun feminine
1. (military)   lance,   spear
a. [estar] lanza en ristre   to be ready for action
b. [medir] lanzas   to cross swords
c. [romper] una lanza por somebody, someone   to back somebody to the hilt
d. [ser] una lanza
(=ser hábil)   to be pretty sharp
(Mexicoéx)   to be sly,   be a rogue
2. (en carruajes)   shaft
3. [de manguera]   nozzle
B. -noun masculine and feminine
1. (Latin America)   *
(=estafador)   cheat,   shark *
2. (Chile)   *
(=ratero)   pickpocket,   thief
(Cono Sur)
(=tironista)   bag-snatcher
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