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landing / aterrizaje
landing   [ˈlændɪŋ]
A. -noun
1. (aeronautics)
a. [of aircraft, spacecraft]   (on land)   aterrizaje (m)   (on sea)   amerizaje (m),   amarizaje (m)   (on moon)   alunizaje (m)
2. (military)
a. [of troops]   desembarco (m)
·the Normandy landings
(history)   los desembarcos de Normandía
3. (architecture)   (in house)   descansillo (m),   rellano (m)
B. -compound
·landing card   -noun   tarjeta (f) de desembarque
·landing craft   -noun   lancha (f) de desembarco
·landing field   -noun   campo (m) de aterrizaje
·landing gear   -noun   (aeronautics)   tren (m) de aterrizaje
·landing ground   -noun   campo (m) de aterrizaje
·landing lights   -noun plural   luces feminine plural de aterrizaje
·landing net   -noun   (Fishing)   salabardo (m),   manga (f),   cuchara (f)
·landing party   -noun   (nautical)   destacamento (m) de desembarco
·landing run   -noun   recorrido (m) de aterrizaje
·landing stage   -noun   (nautical)   desembarcadero (m)
·landing strip   -noun   (aeronautics)   pista (f) de aterrizaje
·landing wheels   -noun plural   (aeronautics)   ruedas feminine plural de aterrizaje
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