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kill / matar
kill   [kɪl]
A. -transitive verb
1. (generally)   matar,   dar muerte a formal usage
(=murder)   asesinar,   matar
[+animal]   matar,   sacrificar
·he was killed in the explosion
·murió en la explosiónoun
·he was killed by an enemy agent
·lo mató un agente enemigo
·I'll kill you for this!
·¡te voy a matar!
·to be killed in action or battle
·morir en combate,   morir luchando
·I'll do it if it kills me
·lo haré aunque me vaya en ello la vida
·the pace is killing him
·el ritmo de trabajo lo está matando
·this heat is killing me
*   este calor acabará conmigo *
·my feet are killing me
*   los pies me estánoun matando *
·to kill o.noun.
(=commit suicide)   suicidarse
·he certainly doesn't kill himself (with work)!
humorous   ¡desde luego ese a trabajar no se mata!
·he was killing himself laughing
*   se moría de (la) risa
a. to kill two birds with one stone   matar dos pájaros de un tiro
2. (figurative)
[+story]   suprimir
[+rumour]   acabar con
[+proposal, bill]   echar abajo
[+feeling, hope]   destruir
[+pain]   calmar
[+flavour, taste]   matar
[+sound]   amortiguar
[+engine]   parar,   apagar
[+lights]   apagar
·to kill time
·matar el rato
3. *   hacer morir de risa *
·this will kill you
te vas a morir de (la) risa *
B. -intransitive verb
·thou shalt not kill
(Bible)   no mataránoun
a. to be dressed to kill   ir despampanante
C. -noun   (Hunting, Bullfighting)   muerte (f)
(=animal killed)   pieza (f)
(=number of animals killed)   caza (f)
·to go in for the kill
(literally)   entrar a matar
·to be in at the kill
(literally)   asistir a la matanza
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