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jugar / to play
A. -intransitive verb
1. [niño, deportista]   to play
·¡si seguínoun así yo no juego!
·if you carry on like that I'masculine not playing!
a. jugar [a] algo =   to play something
·jugar al ajedrez
·to play chess
·jugar al tenis
·to play tennis
·jugar a la lotería
·to play the lottery
·jugar a la ruleta
·to play roulette
·jugar a los dados
·to play dice
·jugar al escondite
·to play hide-and-seek
b. jugar [con] algo =   to play with something
·no le gusta jugar con muñecas
·he doesn't like playing with dolls
·está jugando con el ordenador
·she'noun playing on the computer
c. jugar [contra] somebody, someone =   to play (against) somebody
·hoy juegan contra el Celtic
·today they're playing (against) Celtic
d. jugar con fuego   to play with fire
e. jugar con ventaja   to be at an advantage,   have the advantage
f. jugar limpio   to play fair
g. jugar sucio   to play dirty
h. de jugando
(Caribe)   *   in fun,   for fun
2. (=hacer una jugada)
2.1. (en ajedrez, parchínoun)   to move
·¿quiénoun juega?
·whose move o turn o go is it?
2.2. (con cartas)   to play
·¿quiénoun juega?
·whose turn o go is it?
3. (=pretender ser)
a. jugar [a] algo =   to play at being something
·nounólo está jugando a detective
·he'noun only playing at being a detective
·yo no juego a ser estrella de Hollywood
·I'masculine not playing at being a Hollywood star
·vamos a jugar a que yo soy la madre y el hijo
·let'noun pretend that I'masculine the mother and you the son
4. jugar [con]
4.1. (=manosear)   (generally)   to play around with,   mess around with   (distraídamente)   to toy with,   fiddle with
·no juegues con el enchufe, que es peligroso
·don't play o mess around with the plug - it'noun dangerous
·estaba jugando con un bolígrafo mientras hablaba
·he was toying o fiddling with a pen while he spoke
4.2. (=no tomar en serio)
[+sentimientos]   to play with
·solamente está jugando contigo
·he'noun just leading you on
·es importante permanecer en el poder, pero no a costa de jugar con la opiniónoun pública
·it is important to stay in power, but not if it means gambling with public opinion
·con la salud no se juega
·you can't put your health at risk
4.3. (=utilizar)   to play with
·esta obra juega con el tema del teatro dentro del teatro
·this work plays with the idea of a play within a play
5. (=influir)
a. jugar en [contra] de algo/somebody, someone =   to work against something/somebody
·su inexperiencia jugaba en contra suya
·his inexperience worked against him
·la posiciónoun del sol jugaba en contra de nuestro equipo
·the position of the sun put our team at a disadvantage
b. jugar a [favor] de algo/somebody, someone
[situaciónoun]   to work in something/somebody'noun favour o United States favor
[tiempo, destino]   to be on somebody'noun side
·las ventajas de una moneda débil siguen jugando a su favor
·the advantages of a weak currency continue to work in their favour
·existe otro elemento que juega a favor del acusado
·there is another factor that should go o work in favour of the defendant
·has estudiado mucho y eso juega a tu favor
·you have studied a lot and that should work in your favour
6. (=apostar)   to gamble
7. (Bolsa)   to speculate
·jugar al [alza]
·to bet on a bull market
·jugar a la [baja]
·to bet on a bear market
·jugar a la [bolsa]
·to play the stock market
8. (Latin America)   (mechanics)   to move about
B. -transitive verb
1. [+partida, partido]   to play
·el partido se juega hoy
·the match will be played today
a. jugar la baza de algo
·la oposiciónoun jugará la baza de la mociónoun de censura
·the opposition will play its trump card and move a motion of censure
b. jugársela a somebody, someone   *   to do the dirty on somebody *
·su hermano se la jugó
his brother did the dirty on him *
·¡me la han jugado!
I've been had! *
·su mujer se la jugaba con otro
(Latin America)   his wife was two-timing him *
2. [+papel]   to play
·juegan un papel fundamental en el desarrollo del paínoun
·they play a fundamental role in the country'noun development
3. (=apostar)   to bet
·jugar cinco dólares a una carta
·to bet o put five dollars on a card
4. (Latin America)
[+feminineútbol, tenis, ajedrez, póker]   to play
[+espada, florete]   to handle,   wield
C.   -pronominal verb
1. [+dinero]
(=apostar)   to bet,   stake
(=perder)   to gamble away
·se jugó 500 dólares
·he bet o staked 500 dollars
·se jugó la fortuna a la ruleta
·he gambled away his fortune at roulette
a. jugárselo todo a una [carta]   (literally)   to bet everything on one card   (figurative)   to put all one'noun eggs in one basket
2. (como reto)   to bet
·me juego lo que quieras a que no te atreves
·I bet you anything you won't dare
·¿qué te juegas a que tengo razónoun?
·what do you bet I'masculine right?,   what'noun the betting I'masculine right?
3. (=exponerse a perder)
3.1. (en una apuesta consciente)   to stake
·nos jugamos mucho en esta operaciónoun
·we're staking a lot on this operation
a. jugárselo [todo] en algo =   to stake everything on something
·ambos equipos se lo juegan todo hoy
·both teams are staking everything on today'noun match
b. jugársela
·conducir masculineánoun deprisa hubiera sido jugársela
·to drive any faster would have been too risky
·España se la juega ante Italia esta noche
·Spain is staking everything on their match with Italy tonight
c. jugarse el todo por el todo   to take the plunge
3.2. (=sin darse cuenta)
·nos estamos jugando el futuro de la democracia
·the future of democracy is at stake here
·¿qué nos jugamos en las próximas elecciones?
·what is at stake for us in the next election?
·esto es jugarse la vida
·this means risking one'noun life
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