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judgment / sentencia
judgment   [ˈdȝʌdȝmənt]
A. -noun
1. (law, legal)
(=decision)   sentencia (f),   fallo (m)
(=act)   juicio (m)
·it'noun a judgment on you
·es un castigo
·to pass or pronounce judgment (on somebody/something)
(law, legal)   pronunciar or dictar sentencia (sobre somebody, someone/en algo),   emitir un fallo (sobre somebody, someone/algo)   (figurative)   emitir un juicio crítico (sobre somebody, someone/algo),   dictaminar (sobre somebody, someone/algo)
·to sit in judgment on somebody
·decidir sobre la culpabilidad de somebody, someone
·to sit in judgment on something
·juzgar algo
·Last Judgment
Juicio (m) Final
2. (=opinion)   opiniónoun (f),   parecer (m)
·a critical judgment of Auden
·un juicio crítico de Auden
3. (=understanding)   juicio (m),   criterio (m)
·in my judgment
·a mi juicio
·to the best of my judgment
·segúnoun mi leal saber y entender
·against my better judgment
·a pesar masculineío
·to have good or sound judgment
·tener buen juicio,   tener buen criterio
·she showed excellent judgment in choosing the colour scheme
·demostró tener buen gusto al escoger la combinaciónoun de colores
B. -compound
·judgment call   -noun
(especially United States)   decisiónoun que depende de la conciencia de cada uno
·Judgment Day   -noun   Día (m) del Juicio Final
·judgment seat   -noun   tribunal (m)
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