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jolly / alegre
jolly   [ˈdȝɒlɪ]
A. -adjective
jollier   comparative
jolliest   superlative   [person]
(=cheerful)   alegre
(=amusing)   divertido   [laugh]   gracioso
·it was all very jolly
·todo fue muy agradable
·it wasn't very jolly for the rest of us
·los demonstrativeánoun no nos divertimos tanto
·we had a jolly time
·lo pasamos muy bien,   nos divertimos mucho
·to get jolly
*   achisparse *
B. -adverb
(British, Great Britain)   *   muy,   la mar de,   bastante Latin America
·we were jolly glad
·estábamos la mar de contentos,   nos alegramos muchísimo
·it'noun jolly hard
·es terriblemente difícil
·you did jolly well
lo hiciste la mar de bien *
·you've jolly well got to
·no tienes otro remedio,   no te queda otra Latin America
·jolly good!
·¡estupendo!,   ¡macanudo! Peru, Southern Cone
C. -transitive verb
·to jolly somebody along
·dar ánimos a somebody, someone,   animar a somebody, someone
·to jolly somebody into doing something
·engatusar a somebody, someone para que haga algo
D. -compound
·jolly boat   -noun   esquife (m)
·Jolly Roger   -noun   bandera (f) pirata
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