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joke / chiste
joke   [dȝəʊk]
A. -noun
(=witticism, story)   chiste (m)
(=practical joke)   broma (f)
(=hoax)   broma (f)
(=person)   hazmerreír (m)
·what sort of a joke is this?
·¿qué clase de broma es ésta?
·the joke is that ...
·lo gracioso es que ...
a. to take something [as] a joke =   tomar algo a broma
·to treat something as a joke
·tomar algo a broma
b. it'noun (gone) [beyond] a joke
(British, Great Britain)   esto no tiene nada de gracioso
c. to [crack] a joke =   hacer un chiste
·to crack jokes with somebody
·contarse chistes con somebody, someone
·they spent an evening cracking jokes together
·pasaron una tarde contándose chistes
d. [for] a joke =   en broma
e. one can [have] a joke with her =   tiene mucho sentido del humor
f. is that your [idea] of a joke? =   ¿es que eso tiene gracia?
g. he will have his [little] joke =   siempre está con sus bromas
h. to [make] a joke =   hacer un chiste   (about something   sobre algo)
·he made a joke of the disaster
·se tomó el desastre a risa
i. it'noun [no] joke =   no tiene nada de divertido
·it'noun no joke having to go out in this weather
·no tiene nada de divertido salir con este tiempo
j. the joke is [on] you =   la broma la pagas
k. to [play] a joke on somebody =   gastar una broma a somebody, someone
l. I don't [see] the joke =   no le veo la gracia
m. he'noun a [standing] joke =   es un pobre hombre
·it'noun a standing joke here
·aquí eso siempre provoca risa
n. I can [take] a joke =   tengo mucha correa or mucho aguante
·he can't take a joke
·no le gusta que le tomen el pelo
o. to [tell] a joke =   contar un chiste   (about something   sobre algo)
p. why do you have to [turn] everything into a joke? =   ¿eres incapaz de tomar nada en serio?
q. [what] a joke!   ironic   ¡qué gracia! ironic
B. -intransitive verb
(=make jokes)   contar chistes,   hacer chistes
(=be frivolous)   bromear
·to joke about something
(=make jokes about)   contar chistes sobre algo
(=make light of)   tomarse algo a risa
·I was only joking
·lo dije en broma,   no iba en serio
·I'masculine not joking
·hablo en serio
·you're joking!
·you must be joking!
·¡no lo dices en serio!
C. -compound
·joke book   -noun   libro (m) de chistes
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