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joint / conjunto
joint   [dȝɔɪnt]
A. -adjective   [work, declaration, consultation]   (between two parties)   conjunto   (more than two)   colectivo   [agreement]   mutuo   [decision]   de comúnoun acuerdo   [responsibility]   compartido   [committee]   mixto
B. -noun
1. (technical)   (in metal)   juntura (f),   junta (f)   (in wood)   ensambladura (f)
(=hinge)   bisagra (f)
2. [of meat]   cuarto (m)
·we had a joint of lamb for lunch
·comimos asado de cordero
3. (anatomy)   articulaciónoun (f),   coyuntura (f)
·to be out of joint
[bone]   estar descoyuntado,   estar dislocado   (figurative)   estar fuera de quicio
·to put a bone out of joint
·dislocar un hueso
·to put somebody'noun nose out of joint
(figurative)   bajar los humos a somebody, someone
·to throw somebody'noun plans out of joint
·estropear los planes a somebody, someone
4. *
(=place)   garito (m)
5. *
(=cigarette containing cannabis)   porro (m),   canuto (m)
6. (botany)   nudo (m)
C. -transitive verb
1. (culinary, cooking )   despiezar,   cortar en trozos
2. (=join)
[+parts]   juntar,   unir
[+wood, pipes]   ensamblar
D. -compound
·joint account   -noun   cuenta (f) conjunta
·joint author   -noun   coautor (m) / coautoa (f)
·joint communiqué   -noun   comunicado (m) conjunto
·joint consultations   -noun plural   consultas feminine plural bilaterales
·joint heir   -noun   coheredero (m) / coheredera (f)
·joint interest   -noun   (commerce)   coparticipaciónoun (f)
·joint liability   -noun   (commerce)   responsabilidad (f) solidaria
·joint owners   -noun plural   copropietarios masculine plural
·joint ownership   -noun   copropiedad (f)
·joint partner   -noun   copartícipe masculine and feminine
·joint stock   -noun   fondo (m) social
·joint stock bank   -noun   banco (m) comercial
·joint stock company   -noun   sociedad (f) anónima
·joint venture   -noun   empresa (f) conjunta
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