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Jack / Juanito
Jack   [dȝæk]
A. -noun   (familiar form)
John   Juanito
a. I'masculine all right, Jack!   ¡y a masculineí qué!
B. -compound
·Jack Frost   -noun   personificaciónoun del hielo
·Jack Ketch   -noun   el verdugo
·Jack Robinson   -noun
·before you can say Jack Robinson
·en un santiaménoun,   en un decir Jesúnoun
·Jack Tar   -noun   el marinero
jack / gato
jack   [dȝæk]
A. -noun
1. (automobiles, technical)   gato (m),   gata (f) Latin America
2. (electricity)   toma (f) de corriente,   enchufe (m) hembra
3. (Bowls)   boliche (m)
4. (Cards)   (in ordinary pack of cards)   jota (f)   (in Spanish pack)   sota (f)
5. also bootjack   sacabotas masculine invariable
6. (nautical)   marinero (m)
7. (=fish)   lucio (m) joven
8. jacks
(=game)   cantillos masculine plural
B. -compound
·jack plane   -noun   garlopa (f)
·jack plug   -noun   enchufe (m) de clavija
·jack rabbit   -noun
(United States)   liebre (f) americana
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