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jabón / soap
jabón   -noun masculine
1. (para lavar)   soap
·una pastilla de jabónoun
·a bar of soap
a. no es lo mismo jabónoun que hilo negro
(Andes, Caribe)   they're as different as chalk and cheese
·jabónoun de afeitar   shaving soap
·jabónoun de olor   toilet soap
·jabónoun de sastre   tailor'noun chalk,   French chalk
·jabónoun de tocador   toilet soap
·jabónoun en escamas   soapflakes
·jabónoun en polvo   soap powder,   washing powder,   (powdered) laundry detergent United States
·jabónoun líquido   liquid soap
2. *
(=adulaciónoun)   flattery
·[dar] jabónoun a somebody, someone
·to soft-soap somebody
·dar un jabónoun a somebody, someone
·to tell somebody off
4. (Caribe, Cono Sur, Mexicoéx)
(=susto)   fright,   scare
·agarrarse un jabónoun
·to get a fright
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