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jab / pinchazo
jab   [dȝæb]
A. -noun
1. (=poke)   (generally)   pinchazo (m)   (with elbow)   codazo (m)
2. (=blow)   (generally)   golpe (m)   (Boxing)   golpe (m) rápido
3. (=prick)   pinchazo (m)
4. (British, Great Britain)   (medicine)   *   inyecciónoun (f)
5. **
a. [of drug]   chute ** (m)
B. -transitive verb
·to jab something into something
·clavar algo en algo,   hundir algo en algo
·he jabbed the knife into the table
·clavó el cuchillo en la mesa
·to jab somebody with one'noun elbow
·dar un codazo a somebody, someone
·to jab a finger at something
·señalar algo con el dedo
·he jabbed a gun in my back
·me puso un revólver en los riñones
·I jabbed the knife in my arm
·me pinché el brazo con el cuchillo
·he jabbed me with his stick
·me golpeó con la punta de su bastónoun
C. -intransitive verb
·to jab at
[+person]   intentar golpear a
[+fire]   atizar
·to jab at somebody with a knife
·tratar de acuchillar a somebody, someone
·he jabbed at the map with a finger
·dio con el dedo en el mapa
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