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issue / asunto
issue   [ˈɪʃu:]
A. -noun
1. (=matter, question)   asunto (m),   cuestiónoun (f)
·until the issue is decided
·hasta que se decida algo sobre el asunto or la cuestiónoun or el tema
·I was earning a lot of money but that was not the issue
·ganaba mucho dinero, pero ésa no era la cuestiónoun
a. we need to [address] this issue =   tenemos que tratar este asunto or esta cuestiónoun or este tema
b. the point [at] issue =   el punto en cuestiónoun
·his integrity is not at issue
·no se está cuestionando su integridad
·they were at issue [over] ...
·estuvieron discutiendo (sobre) ...
c. to [avoid] the issue =   eludir or formal usage soslayar el problema
d. to [cloud] or [confuse] the issue =   crear confusiónoun
e. to [face] the issue =   hacer frente a la cuestiónoun or al problema,   afrontar la situaciónoun
f. to [force] the issue =   forzar una decisiónoun
g. to [join] issue with somebody =   enfrentarse a or con somebody, someone
h. to [make] an issue of something
·I think we should make an issue of this
·creo que deberíamos insistir en este punto
·do you want to make an issue of it?
·¿quieres hacer un problema de esto?
·he makes an issue of every tiny detail
·a todo le da mucha masculineánoun importancia de la que tiene
i. the [main] or [real] issue is ... =   lo fundamental es ...
j. it'noun not a [political] issue =   no es una cuestiónoun política
k. to [take] issue with something/somebody =   discrepar de algo/de or con somebody, someone
·I feel I must take issue with you on or over that
·permítame que discrepe de usted en or sobre eso
2. [of shares, stamps, banknotes]   emisiónoun (f)
b. [of library book]   préstamo (m)
c. [of document]   expediciónoun (f)
d. [of rations]   distribuciónoun (f),   reparto (m)
e. an [army] issue blanket =   una manta del ejército
f. a [standard] issue army rifle =   un rifle del ejército de fabricaciónoun estándar
3. (=copy)
a. [of magazine]   ejemplar (m),   nounúmero (m)
·the March issue
·el ejemplar or nounúmero de marzo
b. [back] issue =   ejemplar or nounúmero
4. formal usage
(=outcome)   resultado (m),   consecuencia (f)
5. (law, legal)
(=offspring)   descendencia (f)
·to die [without] issue
·morir sin (dejar) descendencia
6. (medicine)   flujo (m)
B. -transitive verb
[+library book]   prestar
[+tickets]   emitir
[+shares, stamps]   poner en circulaciónoun,   emitir
[+rations]   distribuir,   repartir
[+order]   dar
[+statement, proclamation]   hacer público
[+decree]   promulgar
[+passport, certificate]   expedir
[+licence]   facilitar
[+writ, summons]   extender
·a warrant has been issued for his arrest
·se ha ordenado su detenciónoun
a. to issue something [to] somebody
b. issue somebody [with] something =   dar algo a somebody, someone
·we were issued with ten rounds each
·nos dieron diez cartuchos a cada uno
·staff will be issued with new uniforms
·se proveerá de uniformes nuevos al personal
C. -intransitive verb
1. (=come forth)
a. to issue [from] something
[blood, water]   brotar or salir de algo
[sound]   salir de algo
[report, account]   provenir de algo
·reports issuing from opposition sources say that ...
·informes provenientes de fuentes de la oposiciónoun afirman que ...
2. (=derive)   derivar   (from   de)
3. formal usage
(=have as result)
a. to issue [in] something =   resultar en algo,   dar algo como resultado
D. -compound
·issue price   -noun   precio (m) de emisiónoun
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