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irregular / irregular
irregular   [ɪˈregjʊlər]
A. -adjective
1. (=uneven)   [shape, surface, pattern]   irregular
·John had sharp, irregular features
·las facciones de John eran duras, irregulares
·an irregular [pentagon]
(=asymmetrical)   un pentágono irregular
2. (=spasmodic)   [attendance, meals, breathing, heartbeat]   irregular
·he is very irregular in his attendance
·no asiste de forma regular
·he leads a very irregular life
·lleva una vida muy irregular
·I am not usually irregular
euphemism   normalmente voy como un reloj
·to keep irregular [hours]
·tener un horario irregular
·at irregular [intervals]
·a intervalos irregulares
3. (=unorthodox)   [practice]   poco ortodoxo,   irregular   [treatment]   poco ortodoxo   [action]   poco ortodoxo,   contrario a la práctica   [payment]   irregular
·her behaviour was irregular, to say the least
·su comportamiento era un tanto irregular, por no decir algo peor
·irregular business practices
negocios masculine plural poco ortodoxos
·all this is very irregular
·todo esto es muy poco ortodoxo
·this is most irregular!
·¡esto es totalmente inadmisible!
·it was highly irregular of Blake to do it alone
·era totalmente contrario a la práctica que Blake lo hiciese solo
4. (linguistics)
[verb, adjective, noun]   irregular
5. (military)   [soldiers, forces, troops]   irregular
B. -noun   soldado masculine and feminine irregular
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