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intimate / íntimo
A. -adjective   [ˈɪntɪmɪt]   [relationship, contact, conversation, meal]   íntimo   [friend]   íntimo,   de confianza   [friendship, connection]   íntimo,   estrecho   [details]   íntimo,   personal
·it'noun an intimate little restaurant
·es un pequeño restaurante de ambiente íntimo
a. an intimate [atmosphere] =   un ambiente íntimo
b. to [be]/[become] intimate with somebody   (friendly)   intimar con somebody, someone   (sexually)   tener relaciones (íntimas) con somebody, someone
c. intimate [hygiene]   euphemism   higiene (f) íntima
d. to have an intimate [knowledge] of a subject =   tener un profundo conocimiento de una materia,   conocer una materia a fondo
·he had an intimate knowledge of the city
·conocía muy bien la ciudad
e. to be on intimate [terms] with somebody =   ser íntimo de somebody, someone
B. [ˈɪntɪmeɪt]   -transitive verb   insinuar,   dar a entender
·he intimated his approval
·insinuó or dio a entender que lo aprobaba
a. she intimated [that] she was ready for a change =   insinuó or dio a entender que estaba lista para un cambio
b. he intimated [to] the president that ... =   le insinuó or le dio a entender al presidente que ...
C. [ˈɪntɪmɪt]   -noun   amigo (m) / amiga (f)   pejorative   compinche masculine and feminine
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