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injured / herido
injured   [ˈɪndȝəd]
A. -adjective
1. (physically)   [person, animal, limb]   herido,   lesionado   [player]   lesionado
2. (figurative)   [tone, look]   dolido   [feelings]   herido
·to give somebody an injured [look]
·mirar a somebody, someone con expresiónoun dolida
·to say something in an injured [tone]
·decir algo con tono dolido
·injured [pride]
orgullo (m) herido
3. (law, legal)
·the injured [party]
·la parte perjudicada
B. -noun plural
·there were four injured
·hubo cuatro heridos
·[the] injured
·los heridos
Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged and Audio Headword Pronunciation (Spanish) 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co Ltd. 1971,1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992,1993,1996,1997,2000,2003,2005.
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