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ill / enfermo
ill   [ɪl]
A. -adjective
worse   comparative
worst   superlative
1. (medicine)   enfermo
a. to [be] ill =   estar enfermo
·to be [seriously] ill
·estar gravemente enfermo
·he'noun ill [with] cancer
·tiene cáncer,   está enfermo de cáncer
b. to [fall] ill =   caer or ponerse enfermo,   enfermarse Latin America
c. to [feel] ill =   encontrarse mal,   sentirse mal
d. to [look] ill =   tener mal aspecto or mala cara
e. to [make] somebody ill
[food, wine]   sentarle mal a somebody, someone
[lifestyle, diet]   afectar a la salud de somebody, someone
·the soup made me ill
·la sopa me sentó mal
·all the worry was making me ill
·la preocupaciónoun estaba afectando a mi salud
·to make [o.noun.] ill
·ponerse enfermo,   ponerse malo *
f. to be [taken] ill =   caer or ponerse enfermo,   enfermarse Latin America
2. (=bad)   [fortune, luck]   malo
a. ill at [ease] =   a disgusto
b. ill [effects] =   efectos masculine plural adversos
·with [no] ill effects
·sin mayores daños
c. ill [feeling]
(=hostility)   hostilidad (f)
(=spite)   rencor (m)
·there are [no] ill feelings
·no quedan rencores
·I have no ill feelings [toward] them
·no les guardo rencor
d. ill [health] =   mala salud (f)
·to be in ill [health]
·no estar bien (de salud),   estar enfermo
·he retired because of ill health
·se retiró por problemas de salud
e. ill [humour] =   mal humor (m)
f. ill [repute]   literary or humorous   mala reputaciónoun (f)
·a [house]/[lady] of ill repute
·una casa/mujer de mala reputaciónoun
g. ill [temper] =   mal genio (m)
h. ill [will]
(=hostility)   hostilidad (f)
(=spite)   rencor (m)
·I bear you no ill will for that
·no le guardo rencor por eso
B. -adverb   mal
·to speak/think ill of somebody
·hablar/pensar mal de somebody, someone
a. we can ill [afford] to lose him =   mal podemos dejar que se vaya
·we can ill afford to [buy] it
·no podemos permitirnos el lujo de comprarlo
b. it ill [becomes] you to criticize =   no te sienta bien criticar
C. -noun   (figurative)
1. ills   formal usage
(=problems)   males masculine plural
·the ills of the economy
·los males de la economía
·the [inevitable] ills of old age
·los inevitables males or achaques de la vejez
·no ill had befallen the child
·el niño no había sufrido ningúnoun mal
a. to [bode] or [augur] ill =   no augurar nada bueno
Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged and Audio Headword Pronunciation (Spanish) 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co Ltd. 1971,1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992,1993,1996,1997,2000,2003,2005.
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