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household / casa
household   [ˈhaʊshəʊld]
A. -noun
(=home)   casa (f)
(=family)   familia (f)
B. -compound
·household accounts   -noun plural   cuentas feminine plural de la casa
·Household Cavalry   -noun   (military)   Guardia (f) Real
·household chores   -noun plural   quehaceres masculine plural domésticos,   tareas feminine plural de la casa
·household expenses   -noun plural   gastos masculine plural de la casa
·household gods   -noun plural   penates masculine plural
·household goods   -noun plural   enseres masculine plural domésticos
·household linen   -noun   ropa (f) blanca
·household name   -noun
·he'noun a household name
·es una persona conocidísima
·household refuse   -noun   basura (f) doméstica,   residuos masculine plural domésticos
·household soap   -noun   jabónoun (m) familiar
·household troops   -noun plural
(British, Great Britain)   guardia feminine singular real
·household word   -noun
·it'noun a household word
(figurative)   es el pan de cada día
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