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horrible / horroroso >
horrible   [ˈhɒrɪbl]   -adjective
1. *
(=unpleasant)   [food, colour, smell, thought]   horroroso *,   horrible *
·aren't those dresses horrible?
·¿a que esos vestidos son horrorosos?,   ¿a que son feísimos esos vestidos?
·he was the most horrible person I've ever met
·era la persona masculineánoun mala que he conocido
·you're horrible!
·¡qué malo eres!
a. I've got a horrible [feeling] that ... =   tengo la horrible sensaciónoun de que ...
b. that jumper [looks] horrible on you =   ese jersey te queda horroroso or espantoso
c. it'noun all a horrible [mess] =   es un lío horroroso
d. we thought [something] horrible had happened =   pensamos que algo horrible había pasado
e. the press write some horrible [things] about him =   la prensa cuenta cosas espantosas or horribles de él
f. what a horrible [thought]! =   ¡qué idea tan horrible!
g. to be horrible [to] somebody =   tratar fatal a somebody, someone *
·she'noun horrible to her sister
·trata fatal a su hermana
·don't be horrible to your brother
·no seas malo con tu hermano
2. (=horrific)   [crime, scream, accident]   horrible,   espantoso
·he died a horrible death
·tuvo una muerte horrible
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