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hold up / sujetar
hold up   hold
A. -transitive verb + adverb
1. (=support)   sujetar,   sostener
2. (=raise)
[+hand]   levantar,   alzar
[+head]   mantener erguido
·hold up your hand
·levanta la mano
·to hold something up to the light
·poner algo a contraluz
3. (=display)   mostrar,   enseñar
·to hold something up as a model
·presentar algo como modelo
·to hold somebody up to ridicule
·poner en ridículo a somebody, someone
4. (=delay)
[+person, traffic]   retrasar
(=stop)   detener,   parar
[+work]   interrumpir
[+delivery, payment]   suspender
·we were held up by the traffic
·nos retrasamos por culpa del tráfico
·I was held up at the office
·me entretuvieron en la oficina
·we were held up for three hours
·no nos pudimos mover durante tres horas
·the train was held up
·el tren sufrió un retraso
·the train was held up by fog
·el tren venía con retraso debido a la niebla
·we are being held up by a shortage of bricks
·la escasez de ladrillos nos está retrasando,   la escasez de ladrillos está entorpeciendo el trabajo
5. (=rob)   atracar,   asaltar
·to hold up a bank
·atracar un banco
B. -intransitive verb + adverb
1. [weather]   seguir bueno
2. (=survive, last)   resistir
·to hold up under the strain
·soportar bien la presiónoun
3. (=remain strong)   mantenerse bien
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