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hold / agarro
hold   [həʊld]
held   verb: past tense, past participle
A. -noun
1. (=grasp)   agarro (m),   asimiento (m)
a. to [catch] hold of =   coger,   agarrar Latin America
·catch hold!
b. to [get] hold of =   coger,   agarrar Latin America   (figurative)
(=take over)   adquirir,   apoderarse de
(=obtain)   procurarse,   conseguir
·where can I get hold of some red paint?
·¿dónde puedo conseguir pintura roja?
·where did you get hold of that?
·¿dónde has adquirido eso?
·where did you get hold of that idea?
·¿de dónde te salió esa idea?
·you get hold of some odd ideas
·te formas unas ideas muy raras
·to get hold of [somebody]
(=contact)   localizar a somebody, someone
·we're trying to get hold of him
·tratamos de ponernos en contacto con él
·to get (a) hold of [o.noun.]
(figurative)   dominarse
c. to [have] hold of =   estar agarrado a
d. to [keep] hold of =   seguir agarrado a   (figurative)   guardar para nouní
e. to [lay] hold of =   coger,   agarrar Latin America
f. [on] hold
·to [be] on hold
(telecommunications)   estar en espera
·to [put] somebody on hold
(telecommunications)   poner a somebody, someone en espera
·to put a [plan] on hold
·suspender temporalmente la ejecuciónoun de un plan
g. to [relax] one'noun hold =   desasirse   (on   de)
h. to [seize] hold of =   apoderarse de
i. to [take] hold of =   coger,   agarrar Latin America
2. (Mountaineering)   asidero (m)
3. (Wrestling)   presa (f),   llave (f)
·with [no] holds barred
(figurative)   sin restricciónoun,   permitiéndose todo
4. (figurative)
(=control, influence)   (exerted by person)   influencia (f),   dominio (m)   (on, over   sobre)   (exerted by habit)   arraigo (m)   (on, over   en)
·her powerful hold on her son
·su poderosa influencia sobre su hijo
·this broke the dictator'noun hold
·esto acabó con el dominio del dictador
a. to [gain] a firm hold over somebody =   llegar a dominar a somebody, someone
b. to [have] a hold on or over somebody =   dominar a somebody, someone,   tener dominado a somebody, someone
·drink has a hold on him
·la bebida está muy arraigada en él,   está atrapado por la bebida
5. (aeronautics, nautical)   bodega (f),   compartimento (m) de carga
B. -transitive verb
1. (=grasp)   tener
(=grasp firmly)   sujetar
(=take hold of)   coger,   agarrar Latin America
(=embrace)   abrazar
·he was holding a little mouse in his hand
·tenía un ratoncillo en la mano
·she came in holding a baby/bunch of flowers
·entró con un niño en brazos/con un ramo de flores en las manos
·he was holding her in his arms
(romantically)   la tenía entre sus brazos
·he held my arm
·me tuvo por el brazo
·hold the ladder
·sujeta la escalera
·hold this for a moment
·coge esto un momento
·hold him or he'll fall
·sostenle que va a caer
a. to hold somebody [close] =   abrazar a somebody, someone estrechamente
b. to hold something in [place] =   sujetar algo en un lugar
c. to hold something [tight] =   agarrar algo fuertemente
·to hold [somebody] tight
·abrazar a somebody, someone estrechamente
2. (=maintain, keep)
[+attention, interest]   mantener
[+belief, opinion]   tener,   sostener
[+note]   sostener
a. can he hold an [audience]? =   ¿sabe mantener el interénoun de un público?
b. to hold one'noun [head] high =   mantenerse firme
c. to hold the [line]   (telecommunications)   no colgar
d. to hold one'noun [own] =   defenderse
e. to hold somebody to his [promise] =   hacer que somebody, someone cumpla su promesa
f. this car holds the [road] well =   este coche se agarra muy bien
g. he held us [spellbound] =   nos tuvo embelesados
h. to hold o.noun. [upright] =   mantenerse recto
3. (=keep back)   retener,   guardar
·I will hold the money for you
·guardaré el dinero para ti
·"hold for arrival"
(United States)   (on letters)   "no reexpedir",   "reténgase"
·we are holding it pending inquiries
·lo guardamos mientras se hagan indagaciones
4. (=check, restrain)
[+enemy, breath]   contener
·hold it!
·¡para!,   ¡espera!
·hold everything!
·¡que se pare todo!
·the police held him for three days
·lo detuvo la policía durante tres días
·there was no holding him
·no había manera de detenerle
a. to hold somebody [prisoner] =   tener preso a somebody, someone
b. to hold one'noun [tongue] =   morderse la lengua,   callarse la boca
5. (=possess)
[+post, town, lands]   ocupar
[+passport, ticket, shares, title]   tener   (finance)
[+reserves]   tener en reserva,   tener guardado
[+record]   ostentar   (military)
[+position]   mantenerse en
a. to hold the [fort]   (figurative)   quedarse a cargo
b. he holds the [key] to the mystery =   él tiene la clave del misterio
c. to hold [office]   (politics)   ocupar un cargo
d. to hold the [stage]   (figurative)   dominar la escena
6. (=contain)   contener,   tener capacidad or cabida para
·this stadium holds 10,000 people
·este estadio tiene capacidad or cabida para 10.000 personas
·this holds the money
·esto contiene el dinero
·this bag won't hold them all
·en este saco no caben todos
·a car that holds six
·un coche de seis plazas
·what the future holds for us
·lo que el futuro guarda para nosotros
·what does the future hold?
·¿qué nos reserva el futuro?
7. (=carry on)
[+conversation]   mantener
[+interview, meeting, election]   celebrar
[+event]   realizar   (formally)   celebrar
·the maths exam is being held today
·hoy tiene lugar el examen de matemáticas
·the meeting will be held on Monday
·se celebrará la reuniónoun el lunes,   la reuniónoun tendrá lugar el lunes
·to hold a [mass]
(religion)   celebrar una misa
8. (=consider, believe)   creer,   sostener
·to hold [that] ...
·creer que ...,   sostener que ...
·I hold that ...
·yo creo or sostengo que ...
·it is held by some that ...
·hay quien cree que ...
a. to hold something [dear] =   apreciar mucho algo
·to hold somebody [dear]
·querer or apreciar mucho a somebody, someone
b. to hold somebody in high [esteem] =   tener a somebody, someone en gran or alta estima
c. to hold somebody [guilty] =   juzgar a somebody, someone culpable
d. to hold somebody in [respect] =   tener respeto a somebody, someone
e. to hold somebody [responsible] for something =   echar la culpa a somebody, someone de algo,   hacer a somebody, someone responsable de algo
f. to hold something to be [true] =   creer que algo es verdad
9. (=bear weight of)   soportar
C. -intransitive verb
1. (=stick)   pegarse
(=not give way)   mantenerse firme,   resistir
[weather]   continuar,   seguir bueno
·the ceasefire seems to be holding
·el cese de fuego parece que se mantiene
a. to hold [firm] or [fast] =   mantenerse firme
2. (=be valid)   valer,   ser valedero
·the objection does not hold
·la objeciónoun no vale
3. (telecommunications)
·please hold
·no cuelge, por favor
Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged and Audio Headword Pronunciation (Spanish) 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co Ltd. 1971,1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992,1993,1996,1997,2000,2003,2005.
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