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hill / colina
hill   [hɪl]
A. -noun   (generally)   colina (f),   cerro (m),   loma (f) especially Latin America   (high)   montaña (f)
(=slope)   cuesta (f)
·a house at the top of a hill
·una casa en lo alto de una colina
·I climbed the hill up to the office
·subí la cuesta hasta la oficina
the hills   la montaña feminine singular,   la sierra feminine singular
a. to be over the hill   *   ir cuesta abajo
b. to chase somebody up hill and down dale   perseguir a somebody, someone por todas partes
c. to take to the hills   echarse al monte
d. as old as the hills   masculineánoun viejo que Matusalénoun
B. -compound
·hill climb   -noun   (Sport)   ascensiónoun (f) de montaña
·hill farmer   -noun   agricultor (m) / agricultoa (f)
·hill farming   -noun   agricultura (f) de montaña
·hill walker   -noun   montañero (m) / montañera (f),   senderista masculine and feminine
·hill walking   -noun   montañismo (m),   senderismo (m)
·to go hill-walking
·hacer montañismo,   hacer senderismo
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