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gustar / I like tea
A. -intransitive verb
1. (con complemento personal)
1.1. (con sustantivo)
·me gusta el
·I like tea
·¿te gustó Mexicoéxico?
·did you like Mexico?
·no me gusta mucho
·I don't like it very much
·le gustan mucho los niños
·she loves children,   she'noun very fond of children,   she likes children a lot
·¿te ha gustado la película?
·did you enjoy the film?
·el rojo es el que masculineánoun me gusta
·I like the red one best
·eso es, así me gusta
·that'noun right, that'noun the way I like it
a. me gusta [como] canta =   I like the way she sings
1.2. + INFIN
·¿te gusta jugar a las cartas?
·do you like playing cards?
·no me gusta nada levantarme temprano
·I hate getting up early,   I don't like getting up early at all
·no me gustaría nada estar en su lugar
·I'd hate to be o I really wouldn't like to be in his place o shoes
·le gusta mucho jugar al feminineútbol
·he'noun a keen footballer,   he likes playing o to play football
·le gusta llegar con tiempo de sobra a una cita
·she likes to get to her appointments with time to spare
1.3. gustar [que]   + SUBJUN
·no le gusta que lo llamen Pepe
·he doesn't like being o to be called Pepe
·le gusta que la cena esté en la mesa cuando llega a casa
·he likes his supper to be on the table when he gets home
·no me gustó que no invitaran a mi hija a la boda
·I didn't like the fact that o I was annoyed that my daughter wasn't invited to the wedding
·me gusta mucho que me den masajes
·I love having massages
·¿te gustaría que te llevara al cine?
·would you like me to take you to the cinema?,   would you like it if I took you to the cinema?
1.4. (=sentir atracciónoun por)
·a mi amiga le gusta Carlos
my friend fancies * o likes o is keen on Carlos
2. (sin complemento explícito)
·es una película que siempre gusta
·it'noun a film that never fails to please
·la obra no gustó
·the play was not a success
·mi nounúmero ya no gusta
·my act isn't popular any more
3. (en frases de cortesía)
·¿gusta usted?
·would you like some?,   may I offer you some?
·si usted gusta
·if you please,   if you don't mind
·como usted guste
·as you wish,   as you please anticuado
·cuando gusten
(invitando a pasar)   when you're ready
·puede venir por aquí cuando guste
·you can come here whenever you like o wish
4. gustar [de] algo =   to like something
·vivía recluido y no gustaba de compañía
·he was a recluse and did not like company
·la novela ideal para quienes no gusten de obras largas
·the ideal novel for people who don't like o enjoy long books
b. gustar de [hacer] algo =   to like to do something
·Josechu, como gustan de llamarlo en su familia
·Josechu, as his family like to call him
·una expresiónoun que gustan de repetir los escritores del XVIII
·an expression that 18th century writers like to use o are fond of using frequently
B. -transitive verb
1. (=probar)   to taste,   sample
·despuénoun de gustar la buena vida
·after tasting the good life
2. (Latin America)
·gusto un café
·I'd like a coffee
·¿gustaría un poco de vino?
·would you like some wine?
·si gustan pasar a la sala de espera
·would you like to go through to the waiting room?
Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged and Audio Headword Pronunciation (Spanish) 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co Ltd. 1971,1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992,1993,1996,1997,2000,2003,2005.
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