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guerra / war
guerra   -noun feminine
1. (military, politics)   war
(=arte)   warfare
·Primera Guerra Mundial
·First World War
·Segunda Guerra Mundial
·Second World War
·[de] guerra
·military,   war antes de noun
·Ministerio de Guerra
·Ministry of War,   War Office,   War Department United States
·[declarar] la guerra
·to declare war
·[estar] en guerra
·to be at war
·[hacer] la guerra
·to wage war
·guerra a muerte   war to the bitter end
·guerra atómica   atomic war(fare)
·guerra bacteriana
·guerra bacteriológica   germ warfare
·guerra biológica   biological warfare
·guerra caliente   hot war,   shooting war
·guerra civil   civil war
·guerra comercial   trade war
·guerra convencional   conventional warfare
·guerra de agotamiento
·guerra de desgaste   war of attrition
·guerra de bandas   gang warfare
·guerra de guerrillas   guerrilla warfare
·Guerra de la Independencia
(Latin America)   War of Independence
(Spain)   Peninsular War
·guerra de las galaxias   Star Wars
·Guerra de los Cien Años   Hundred Years' War
·Guerra de los Treinta Años   Thirty Years' War
·Guerra del Transvaal   Boer War
·guerra de nervios   war of nerves
·guerra de precios   price war
·Guerra de Sucesiónoun   War of Spanish Succession
·guerra de trincheras   trench warfare
·guerra económica   economic warfare
·guerra nuclear   nuclear war(fare)
·guerra psicológica   psychological warfare
·guerra química   chemical warfare
·guerra relativeámpago   blitzkrieg,   lightning war United States
·guerra santa   holy war,   crusade
·guerra sin cuartel   all-out war
·guerra sucia   dirty war
2. (=problemas)
·[dar] guerra
(generally)   to be a nuisance   (a   to),   make trouble   (a   for)
[niño]   to carry on
·pedir o querer guerra
(generally)   to look for trouble   *   (sexualmente)   to feel randy o horny *
3. (=juego)   billiards
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