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gross / flagrante
gross   [grəʊs]
grosser   comparative
grossest   superlative
A. -adjective
1. (=unacceptable)   [injustice, inequality, mismanagement]   flagrante   [exaggeration, simplification]   burdo
·a gross injustice has been done to him
·se ha cometido una flagrante injusticia con él
·gross [ignorance]   ignorancia (f) supina,   crasa ignorancia (f)
·gross [incompetence]
incompetencia (f) absoluta
·gross [violations] of human rights
·flagrantes violaciones de los derechos humanos
·that is a gross [understatement]
·eso es quedarse muy corto
2. (=revolting)   [person, remark, joke]   ordinario,   basto
·he'noun totally gross
*   es de lo masculineánoun basto
·(how) gross!
*   ¡qué asco! *
3. (=tasteless)   ordinario,   de muy mal gusto
·she was wearing really gross earrings
·llevaba unos pendientes de lo masculineánoun ordinario or de un gusto pésimo
4. (=obese)   gordísimo,   cebónoun *
·after eating so much chocolate she felt really gross
*   despuénoun de comer tanto chocolate se sentía como una bola or foca *
5. (=total)   [income, profit, weight]   bruto
·their gross income is £205 a week
·sus ingresos brutos son de 205 libras a la semana
·its gross weight is 100 grams
·su peso bruto es de 100 gramos
B. -adverb
(=in total)
[earn, pay, weigh]   en bruto
·she earns £30,000 gross per annum
·gana 30.000 libras al año brutas or en bruto
·it weighs 12kg gross
·pesa 12 kilos brutos or en bruto
·how much do you earn gross?
·¿cuánto ganas bruto or en bruto?
C. -transitive verb
(generally)   obtener unos ingresos brutos de   (from savings, bonds)   obtener unos beneficios brutos de
·the company grossed \$100,000 last year
·el año pasado la compañía obtuvo unos beneficios brutos de 100.000 dólares
D. -noun
1. grosses   plural
(=total income)   ingresos masculine plural brutos
2. gross   plural
(=twelve dozen)   doce docenas feminine plural
·he bought them by the gross
·los compró en cantidades de doce docenas
E. -compound
·gross domestic product   -noun   (economy)   producto (m) interno bruto
·gross indecency   -noun   (law, legal)   ultraje (m) contra la moral pública
·gross national product   -noun singular   (economy)   producto (m) nacional bruto
·gross negligence   -noun   (law, legal)   culpa (f) grave
·gross output   -noun   (industry)   producciónoun (f) bruta
Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged and Audio Headword Pronunciation (Spanish) 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co Ltd. 1971,1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992,1993,1996,1997,2000,2003,2005.
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