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gold / oro
gold   [gəʊld]
A. -noun
1. (=metal, commodity, currency)   oro (m)
·he paid for it in gold
·lo pagó en oro
·to invest in gold
·invertir en oro
·she only wears gold
·nounólo lleva (joyas de) oro
·they stole 12 million pounds worth of gold
·robaron oro por valor de 12 millones de libras
·[24-carat] gold
oro (m) de 24 quilates
·to be [made] of gold
·ser de oro
·[pure] gold
(literally)   oro (m) puro
·she'noun pure gold
(figurative)   es una joya,   vale su peso en oro
·[solid] gold
oro (m) macizo
2. (=colour)   dorado (m)
·autumnal browns and golds
·los marrones y dorados del otoño
3. (=gold medal)   medalla (f) de oro
·he won (the) gold in Barcelona
·ganó la medalla de oro en Barcelona
·to go for gold
·intentar ganar la medalla de oro
B. -adjective
1. (=made of gold)   [jewellery, coins, tooth]   de oro
2. (=gold-coloured)   [paint, lettering, frame]   dorado   [fabric, dress, shirt]   color oro invariable,   dorado
·the sign was written in gold letters
·el cartel estaba escrito con letras doradas
·she decided to paint it gold
·decidió pintarlo color oro or dorado
·a green and gold flag
·una bandera verde y oro
C. -compound
·gold bar   -noun   barra (f) de oro
·gold braid   -noun   galónoun (m) de oro
·gold card   -noun   tarjeta (f) oro
·the Gold Coast   -noun   (history)   la Costa de Oro
·gold digger   -noun   (literally)   buscador (m) / buscadoa (f)   (figurative)   cazafortunas masculine and feminine invariable
·gold disc   -noun   (music)   disco (m) de oro
·gold dust   -noun   oro (m) en polvo
a. biros are like gold dust in this office
(British, Great Britain)   (figurative)   en esta oficina no encuentras un bolígrafo ni por casualidad
·gold fever   -noun   fiebre (f) del oro
·gold filling   -noun   empaste (m) de oro
·gold foil   -noun   papel (m) de oro
·gold leaf   -noun   oro (m) en hojas,   pan (m) de oro
·gold market   -noun   mercado (m) del oro
·gold medal   -noun   (Sport)   medalla (f) de oro
·gold medallist   -noun   medallero (m) / medallera (f)
·gold mine   -noun   (literally, figurative)   mina (f) de oro
·gold miner   -noun   minero (m) de oro
·gold mining   -noun   minería (f) de oro
·gold plate   -noun
(=tableware)   vajilla (f) de oro
(=covering)   baño (m) de oro
·it isn't solid gold just gold plate
·no es oro puro sino un baño de oro
·doors covered with gold plate
·puertas revestidas de un baño de oro
·gold reserves   -noun   reservas feminine plural de oro
·gold rush   -noun   fiebre (f) del oro
·gold standard   -noun   patrónoun (m) oro
·to come off or leave the gold standard
·abandonar el patrónoun de oro
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