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give / dar
give   [gɪv]
gave   past tense
given   past participle
A. -transitive verb
When give is part of a set combination, for example give evidence, give a lecture, give a party, give a yawn, look up the other word.
1. [+possession, object]   dar   (for special occasion)   regalar,   obsequiar formal usage
[+title, honour, award, prize]   dar,   otorgar formal usage
[+organ, blood]   dar,   donar   (school)
[+mark]   poner
·he was given a gold watch when he retired
le regalaron or formal usage obsequiaron un reloj de oro cuando se jubiló
a. he gave her a dictionary [for] her birthday =   le regaló un diccionario por su cumpleaños
·he was given an award for bravery
·le dieron or otorgaron un galardónoun por su valentía
b. to give somebody a [penalty]   (Sport)   conceder un penalti or penalty a somebody, someone
c. to give o.noun [to] somebody =   entregarse a somebody, someone
2. (=pass on)
[+message]   dar
[+goods, document]   dar,   entregar more formal usage
[+illness]   contagiar,   pegar *
·give them my regards or best wishes
·dales saludos de mi parte
·can you give Mary the keys when you see her?
·¿puedes darle las llaves a Mary cuando la veas?
·to give somebody a cold
·contagiar el resfriado a somebody, someone,   pegar el resfriado a somebody, someone *
·to give something [into] somebody'noun hands
literary   entregar or confiar algo a somebody, someone
3. (=offer)
[+party, dinner]   dar
·to give a party for somebody
·dar or ofrecer una fiesta en honor de somebody, someone
·why don't you give them melon to start with?
·¿por qué no les das melónoun para empezar?
·she gave us a wonderful meal
·nos hizo una comida buenísima
·we can give them cava to drink
·podemos darles cava para or de beber
·what can I give him to eat/for dinner?
·¿qué puedo hacerle para comer/cenar?
4. (=provide)
[+money, information, idea]   dar
[+task]   dar,   confiar
·can you give him something to do?
·¿puedes darle algo para hacer?
a. I'll never be able to give you a [child] =   nunca podré darte un hijo
b. they gave us a lot of [help] =   nos ayudaron mucho
c. it gave us a good [laugh]   *   nos hizo reír mucho
d. give or take ...
·12 o'clock, give or [take] a few minutes
·masculineánoun o menos las doce
·in A.D. 500 give or take a few years
·aproximadamente en el año 500 despuénoun de J.C.
5. (=cause)
[+shock, surprise]   dar,   causar
[+pain]   causar,   provocar
a. it gives me great [pleasure] to welcome you all =   es un gran placer para masculineí darles la bienvenida a todos
·to give somebody a kick/push
·dar una patada/un empujónoun a somebody, someone
b. to give somebody [to believe] that ... =   hacer creer a somebody, someone que ...
·I was given to believe that ...
·me hicieron creer que ...
c. to give somebody [to understand] that ... =   dar a entender a somebody, someone que ...
6. (=grant, allow)
6.1. [+permission]   dar,   conceder
[+chance, time]   dar
·let'noun give him one last chance
·vamos a darle una última oportunidad
·can't you give me another week?
·¿no me puedes dar otra semana?
·I can give you 10 minutes
·le puedo conceder 10 minutos
·give yourself an hour to get there
·necesitas una hora para llegar
·I gave myself 10 minutes to do it
·me permití 10 minutos para hacerlo
·to give somebody a choice
·dar a elegir a somebody, someone
a. he'noun honest, I give [you] that =   es honrado, lo reconozco
6.2. *   (predicting future)
·how long would you give that marriage?
·¿cuánto tiempo crees que durará ese matrimonio?
·the doctors gave him two years to live
·los masculineédicos le dieron dos años de vida
7. (=dedicate)
[+life, time]   dedicar
·he gave his life to helping the needy
·dedicó su vida a ayudar a los necesitados
·I've given you the best years of my life
·te he dado los mejores años de mi vida
·he gave it everything he'd got
·dio lo mejor de nouní
8. (=sacrifice)
[+life]   dar
·he gave his life for his country
·dio la vida por su paínoun
9. (=pay)   dar
·what will you give me for it?
·¿qué me das por ello?
·how much did you give for it?
·¿cuánto diste or pagaste por él?
a. I'd give a lot or the world or anything to know ...   daría cualquier cosa por saber ...
b. I don't or I wouldn't give much for his chances   no le doy muchas posibilidades
10. (=put through to)   poner con
·could you give me Mr Smith/extension 3443?
·¿me podría poner con el Sr. Smith/con la extensiónoun 3443?
11. (=punish with)
·the teacher gave him 100 lines
·el profesor le castigó a copiar 100 líneas
·the judge gave him five years
·el juez le dio cinco años
·to give it to somebody
(=beat)   dar una paliza a somebody, someone   (verbally)   poner a somebody, someone como un trapo *
12. (=present)   presentar a
·ladies and gentlemen, I give you our guest speaker this evening, ...
·damas y caballeros, les presento a nuestro conferenciante de esta noche, ...
13. (in toast)
·I give you the Queen
·brindemos por la Reina
14. (=produce, supply)
[+milk, fruit]   dar,   producir
[+light, heat]   dar
[+result]   arrojar
[+help, advice]   dar,   proporcionar
·it gives a total of 80
·arroja un total de 80
·it gives 6% a year
·rinde un 6% al año
·it gave no sign of life
·no daba señales de vida
15. (=state)
[+name, age, address]   dar   (on form)   poner
·to give the right/wrong answer
·dar la respuesta correcta/equivocada
·if I may give an example
·si se me permite dar or poner un ejemplo
·he gave the cause of death as asphyxia
·señaló la asfixia como causa de la muerte
16. (=care)
·I don't give a damn
*   me importa un comino or un bledo *
17. (=make)
[+speech]   dar,   pronunciar formal usage
[+lecture, concert]   dar
18. to give [way]
18.1. (=collapse)
[bridge, beam, floor, ceiling]   ceder,   hundirse
[cable, rope]   romperse
[legs]   flaquear
·the ground gave way beneath him
·la tierra se hundió bajo sus pies
·the chair gave way under his weight
·la silla no soportó su peso,   la silla cedió bajo su peso
·after months of stress his health gave way
·despuénoun de meses de tensiónoun su salud se intransitive verbó afectada
·his strength gave way
·le flaquearon las fuerzas
18.2. (=break)
[rope]   romperse
18.3. ·to give [way] (to something)
(=be replaced)   ser reemplazado (por algo)   (to demands)   ceder (a algo)   (to traffic)   ceder el paso (a algo)
·you gave way too easily
·cediste con demasiada facilidad
·to give way to an impulse
·dejarse llevar por un impulso
·she gave way to tears
·se deshizo en lágrimas
·he never gives way to despair
·nunca se abandona a la desesperaciónoun
·give way
(British, Great Britain)   (automobiles)   ceda el paso
·to give way to the left
·ceder el paso a la izquierda
19. (in idiomatic expressions)
a. [don't] give me that!   *   ¡no me vengas con esas! *
b. [I'll] give you something to cry about!   *   ¡ya te daré yo razones para llorar!
·holidays? I'll give you holidays!
*   ¿vacaciones? ya te voy a dar yo a ti vacaciones *,   ¿vacaciones? ¡ni vacaciones ni narices! *
·he wants £100? I'll give him £100!
*   ¿que quiere 100 libras? ¡ni cien libras ni nada!
·I'll give him what for!
*   ¡se va a enterar! *
c. give [me] the old songs! =   ¡para masculineí las canciones viejas!
·give me a gas cooker every [time]!
*   ¡prefiero mil veces una cocina de gas!
·children? give me dogs any time!
·¿niños? ¡prefiero mucho antes un perro!
·I wouldn't want it if you gave it to me
·eso no lo quiero ni regalado
·he can give you 5 years
·él tiene la ventaja de ser 5 años masculineánoun joven que
B. -intransitive verb
1. dar
·giving is better than receiving
·dar es mejor que recibir
·please give generously
·por favor, sean generosos
·to give to charity
·hacer donativos a organizaciones benéficas,   dar dinero a organizaciones benéficas
a. to give and [take] =   hacer concesiones mutuas
b. to give as good as one gets   pagar con la misma moneda,   devolver golpe por golpe
2. also give way
2.1. (=collapse)
[bridge, beam, floor, ceiling]   ceder,   hundirse
[knees]   flaquear
·the chair gave under his weight
·la silla cedió bajo su peso,   la silla no soportó su peso
2.2. (=break)
[rope]   romperse
2.3. (=yield)
[door]   ceder
·the floor gave slightly under his feet
·el suelo cedió ligeramente bajo sus pies
a. something'noun got to give!   *   ¡por algúnoun lado tiene que salir!
3. (United States)   *
·what gives?
·¿qué pasa?,   ¿qué se cuece por ahí? *
C. -noun
a. [of material]   elasticidad (f)
·there'noun a lot of give in this chair/bed
·esta silla/cama es muy mullida
·there'noun a lot of give in this rope
·esta cuerda da mucho de nouní
·there isn't a lot of give in these proposals
·estas propuestas no son muy negociables
·how much give has there been on their side?
·¿cuánto han cedido ellos?
b. give and [take]
·you won't achieve an agreement without a bit of give and take
·no vais a conseguir un acuerdo sin hacer concesiones mutuas
·a bit of give and take
un poco de toma y daca *
Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged and Audio Headword Pronunciation (Spanish) 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co Ltd. 1971,1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992,1993,1996,1997,2000,2003,2005.
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