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general / general
general   [ˈdȝenərəl]
A. -adjective
1. (=overall)   [appearance, decline, attitude]   general
a. the general [standard] of education is very high =   el nivel general de educaciónoun es muy alto
2. (=widespread)   [view, interest]   general
a. there was general [agreement] on this question =   hubo un consenso general con respecto a esta cuestiónoun
b. contrary to general [belief] =   contrariamente a or en contra de lo que comúnmente se cree
c. there was general [opposition] to the proposal =   la oposiciónoun a la propuesta fue general or generalizada
d. for general [use] =   para el uso general
·[in] general use
·de uso general
3. (=vague, non-specific)   general
·beware of making statements which are too general
·ten cuidado de hacer afirmaciones que sean demasiado generales
·the report was too general
·el informe era poco específico
·try to be more general
·intenta no entrar tanto en detalles
a. we drove in the general [direction] of Aberdeen =   fuimos conduciendo en direcciónoun aproximada a Aberdeen
b. please direct any general [enquiries] you may have to my secretary =   le ruego solicite a mi secretaria cualquier informaciónoun de carácter general
c. I've got the general [idea] =   tengo masculineánoun o menos una idea
d. I'masculine beginning to get the general [picture] =   estoy empezando a hacerme una idea
e. a general [term] =   un término generallyérico
f. in general [terms] =   en líneas or términos generales
4. (=usual)
a. as a general [rule] =   por regla general
5. (=not specialized)   [reader, public]   no especializado
a. we employ two general [labourers] =   empleamos a dos obreros no especializados
b. an introduction to psychology for the general [reader] =   una introducciónoun a la psicología para el lector no especializado
6. (at end of title)   general
·secretary general
secretario (m) / secretaria (f)
B. -noun
1. [in] general =   en general
·we discussed work in general
·hablamos sobre el trabajo en general
·in general this kind of situation can be controlled
(=normally)   en general or por lo general este tipo de situaciones pueden controlarse
2. ·the particular and [the] general
·lo particular y lo general
3. (military)
(=officer)   general masculine and feminine
·General Croft arrived late
·el general Croft llegó tarde
·good morning, General Croft
·buenos días, General Croft
C. -compound
·general anaesthetic
·general anesthetic
(United States)   -noun   anestesia (f) general
·general assembly   -noun   asamblea (f) general
·general audit   -noun   auditoría (f) general
·general cargo   -noun   cargamento (m) mixto
·General Certificate of Secondary Education   -noun
(British, Great Britain)   (education)
·the General Confession   -noun   (Church of England)   la oraciónoun de confesiónoun colectiva
·general costs   -noun plural   gastos masculine plural generales
·general dealer   -noun
(United States)   tienda (f),   almacénoun (m) Southern Cone
·general delivery   -noun
(United States, Canada)   lista (f) de correos
·general election   -noun   elecciones or comicios
·general headquarters   -noun   (military)   cuartel masculine singular general
·general holiday   -noun   día (m) festivo
·general hospital   -noun   hospital (m)
·general knowledge   -noun   cultura (f) general
·general manager   -noun   director (m) / directoa (f)
·general medicine   -noun   medicina (f) general
·general meeting   -noun   asamblea (f) general
·General Officer Commanding   -noun   (military)   Comandante masculine and feminine en Jefe
·general partnership   -noun   (law, legal)   sociedad (f) regular colectiva
·General Post Office   -noun
(British, Great Britain)   (government)   (formerly)   Correos (m)
(=main post office)   oficina (f) de correos
·general practice   -noun
(British, Great Britain)   (medicine)
(=work)   medicina (f) general
(=group)   consultorio (m) masculineédico
·I am currently working in general practice
·actualmente estoy trabajando como masculineédico de medicina general
·to go into general practice
·entrar a trabajar en medicina general
·general practitioner   -noun   masculineédico (m) / masculineédica (f),   masculineédico (m) / masculineédica (f)
·the general public   -noun   el público en general,   el gran público
·general science   -noun   (school)   Ciencias feminine plural
·general science teacher   -noun   profesor (m) / profesoa (f)
·General Secretary   -noun   Secretario (m) / Secretaria (f)
·general staff   -noun   estado (m) mayor (general)
·general store   -noun
(United States)   tienda (f),   almacénoun (m) Southern Cone
·general strike   -noun   huelga (f) general
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