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gallo / cock
gallo   1   -noun masculine
1. (=ave)   cock,   rooster especially United States   (masculineánoun pequeño)   cockerel
a. alzar el gallo
(Latin America)   to bawl
b. comer gallo
(Andes, Central America)   *   to suffer a setback
c. haber comido gallo
(Mexicoéx)   *   to be in a fighting mood
d. como gallo en corral ajeno   like a fish out of water
e. entre gallos y medianoche
(Argentina)   on the spur of the moment
f. estar como gallo en gallinero   to be highly esteemed,   be well thought of
g. dormírsele a somebody, someone el gallo
(Central America, Mexicoéx)   *   to let an opportunity slip
h. no me va nada en el gallo
(Mexicoéx)   *   it doesn't matter to me,   it'noun no skin off my nose *
i. levantar el gallo
(Latin America)   to bawl
(Caribe, Mexicoéx)   *   to throw in the towel o United States sponge
j. matar el gallo a somebody, someone   to floor somebody,   shut somebody up *
k. en menos que canta un gallo   in an instant,   in a flash
l. otro gallo cantaría   things would be very different
m. pelar gallo
(Mexicoéx)   *
(=salir huyendo)   to make a run for it *
(=morirse)   to kick the bucket *
n. al primer gallo
(Mexicoéx)   at midnight
o. hay gallo tapado
(Colombia)   I smell a rat
p. tener mucho gallo   to be cocky *
·gallo de pelea
·gallo de riña   gamecock,   fighting cock
·gallo lira   black grouse
·gallo pinto
(Central America)   (culinary, cooking )   beans and rice
·gallo silvestre   capercaillie
2. (=pez)   john dory
3. (en la voz)   false note
·soltó un gallo
(al cantar)   he sang a false note   (al hablar)   his voice cracked
·tengo un gallo en la garganta
·I have a frog in my throat
4. *
(=bravucónoun)   tough guy *
(Latin America)   expert,   master
·yo he sido gallo para eso
·I was a great one at that
5. (Pesca)   cork float
6. **
(=flema)   spit
(=gargajo)   gob of spit **
7. (Mexicoéx)
(=serenata)   street serenade
8. (Mexicoéx)   *
(=ropa usada)   hand-me-down
·anda siempre de gallos
·all his clothes are hand-me-downs
·lo visten con los gallos del hermano mayor
·they dress him in his brother'noun hand-me-downs o old clothes
9. (Andes)
(=flecha)   dart
10. (Colombia, Mexicoéx)   (sport)   shuttlecock
11. (Andes)
a. [de bomberos]   hose truck
gallo / guy >/girl
gallo   2,   a   -noun masculine/feminine
(Chile)   guy */girl
·conocí a un gallo estupendo
I met a great guy *
·¡qué galla tan antipática!
·she is so unfriendly!
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