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fruit / fruto
fruit   [fru:t]
A. -noun
1. (generally, botany)   fruto (m)
(=piece of fruit)   fruta (f)
·would you like some fruit?
·¿quieres fruta?
·to be in fruit
[tree, bush]   haber dado or echado fruto,   tener fruta
·the fruits of the sea
·los productos del mar
·to bear fruit
(literally, figurative)   dar fruto
2. fruits   (figurative)
·the fruits of one'noun labour
·los frutos del trabajo
·to enjoy the fruits of one'noun success
·disfrutar de los frutos del éxito
3. (United States)   **   pejorative
(=male homosexual)   maricónoun (m) / maricónoun masculine (f)
4.   *   (as term of address)
·hello, old fruit!
¡hola, compadre! *
B. -intransitive verb   dar fruto
C. -compound
·fruit basket   -noun   frutero (m),   canasto (m) de la fruta
·fruit cocktail   -noun   macedonia (f) de frutas
·fruit cup   -noun   sangría (f)
·fruit dish   -noun   frutero (m)
·fruit drop   -noun   bombónoun (m) de fruta
·fruit farm   -noun   granja (f) frutícola or hortofrutícola
·fruit farmer   -noun   fruticultor (m) / fruticultoa (f),   granjero (m) / granjera (f)
·fruit farming   -noun   fruticultura (f)
·fruit fly   -noun   mosca (f) de la fruta
·fruit grower   -noun   fruticultor (m) / fruticultoa (f),   granjero (m) / granjera (f)
·fruit growing   -noun   fruticultura (f)
·fruit gum   -noun
(British, Great Britain)   gominola (f)
·fruit juice   -noun   zumo or jugo
·fruit knife   -noun   cuchillo (m) de la fruta
·fruit machine   -noun
(British, Great Britain)   masculineáquina (f) tragaperras
·fruit salad   -noun   macedonia (f) de frutas
·fruit salts   -noun plural   sal (f) de fruta(noun)
·fruit tree   -noun   árbol (m) frutal
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