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foot / pie
foot   [fʊt]
A. -noun
feet   plural
1. (anatomy)   pie (m)
a. [of animal, chair]   pata (f)
b. my feet are [aching] =   me duelen los pies
c. to [get] to one'noun feet =   ponerse de pie,   levantarse,   pararse Latin America
d. lady, [my] foot!   *   ¡dama, ni hablar!
e. [on] foot =   a pie,   andando,   caminando Latin America
·to be on one'noun feet
·estar de pie,   estar parado Latin America
·he'noun on his feet all day long
·está trajinando todo el santo día,   no descansa en todo el día
·he'noun on his feet again
·ya está recuperado or repuesto
f. to [rise] to one'noun feet =   ponerse de pie,   levantarse,   pararse Latin America
g. I've never [set] foot there =   nunca he estado allí
·to set foot inside somebody'noun door
·poner los pies en la casa de somebody, someone,   pasar el umbral de somebody, someone
·to set foot on dry land
·poner el pie en tierra firme
h. it'noun wet [under] foot =   el suelo está mojado
·to trample something under foot
·pisotear algo
·the children are always [under] my feet
·siempre tengo los niños pegados
i. to put one'noun feet [up]   *   descansar
j. to put one'noun [best] foot forward   animarse a continuar
k. to get [cold] feet   entrarle miedo a somebody, someone
l. to get one'noun foot in the [door]   meter el pie en la puerta
m. to put one'noun foot [down]
(=say no)   plantarse   (automobiles)   acelerar
n. to [drag] one'noun feet   dar largas al asunto,   hacerse el roncero
o. to [fall] on one'noun feet   tener suerte,   caer de pie
p. to [find] one'noun feet   ponerse al corriente
q. to have one foot in the [grave]   estar con un pie en la sepultura
r. to have one'noun feet on the [ground]   ser realista
s. to put one'noun foot [in] it   *   meter la pata *
t. to start off on the [right] foot   entrar con buen pie
u. to [shoot] o.noun. in the foot   pegarse un tiro en el pie
v. to [sit] at somebody'noun feet   ser discípulo de somebody, someone
w. to [stand] on one'noun own two feet   volar con sus propias alas
x. to [sweep] a girl off her feet   enamorar perdidamente a una chica
y. she never put a foot [wrong]   no cometió ningúnoun error
z. it all started off on the wrong foot   todo empezó mal
2. [of mountain, page, stairs, bed]   pie (m)
·at the foot of the hill
·al pie de la colina
3. (=measure)   pie (m)
·he'noun six foot or feet tall
·mide seis pies,   mide un metro ochenta
B. -transitive verb
1. (=pay)
a. to foot the bill (for something)   pagar (algo),   correr con los gastos (de algo)
2. to foot [it]
(=walk)   ir andando or Latin America caminando
(=dance)   bailar
C. -compound
·foot brake   -noun   (automobiles)   freno (m) de pie
·foot fault   -noun   (Tennis)   falta (f) de saque
·foot passenger   -noun   pasajero (m) / pasajera (f)
·foot pump   -noun   bomba (f) de pie
·foot rot   -noun   uñero (m)
·foot soldier   -noun   soldado masculine and feminine de infantería
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