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flood / inundación
flood   [flʌd]
A. -noun
a. [of water]   inundaciónoun (f)   (in river)   avenida (f)
b. [of words, tears]   torrente (m)
(=flood tide)   pleamar (f)
·the Flood
(religion)   el Diluvio
·the river is in flood
·el río está crecido
·a flood of letters
·una avalancha de cartas
·she was in floods of tears
·lloraba a lágrima viva
B. -transitive verb
(generally)   inundar
·to flood the market with something
·inundar or saturar el mercado de algo
·we have been flooded with applications
·nos han llovido las solicitudes,   nos han inundado de solicitudes
·the room was flooded with light
·el cuarto se inundó de luz
C. -intransitive verb
[river]   desbordarse
·the people flooded into the streets
·la gente inundó la calle
D. -compound
·flood control   -noun   medidas feminine plural para controlar las inundaciones
·flood tide   -noun   pleamar (f),   marea (f) creciente
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