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fling / echar la última cana al aire
fling   [flɪŋ]
flung   verb: past tense   past participle
A. -noun
1. ·to have one'noun last fling
·echar la última cana al aire
·to have one'noun fling
·go on a fling
·echar una canita al aire
·to have a fling at doing something
·intentar algo
2. *   aventura (f) amorosa
3. also highland fling
B. -transitive verb
[+stone]   arrojar,   lanzar
·to fling one'noun arms round somebody
·echar los brazos al cuello a somebody, someone
·the door was flung open
·la puerta se abrió de golpe
·she was flung to the ground by her horse
·el caballo la lanzó or tiró or arrojó al suelo
·to fling somebody into jail
·meter a somebody, someone en la cárcel
·to fling o.noun. over a cliff
·despeñarse por un precipicio
·she flung herself at him
·se arrojó or lanzó or tiró sobre él
·to fling oneselfinto a chair
·dejarse caer de golpe en una silla
·to fling o.noun. into a job
·lanzarse a hacer un trabajo
·to fling off/on one'noun clothes
·quitarse/ponerse la ropa de prisa
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