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flatter / halagar
flatter   [ˈflætər]   -transitive verb
1. (=praise, compliment)
1.1. (sincerely)   halagar
·you flatter me!
·¡me halagas!
·to say that she is tactless is to flatter her
ironic   decir que no tiene tacto es como echarle un piropo
1.2. (insincerely)   adular,   lisonjear
·he only said it to flatter you
·te lo dijo nounólo para adularte
2. (=gratify)   halagar
·I was very flattered to be asked
·me halagó que me lo pidieran
·to feel flattered
·sentirse halagado
3. (=show to advantage)   favorecer
·that colour flatters you
·ese color te favorece
·it'noun a dress that will flatter any figure
·es un vestido que favorece a cualquiera
4. ·to flatter o.noun.
4.1. (=pride o.noun.)
·to flatter o.noun. [on] something/that
·enorgullecerse de algo/de que
4.2. (=deceive o.noun.)
·don't flatter yourself, I didn't come all this way just to see you
·no te hagas ilusiones, no he venido hasta aquí nounólo para verte a ti
·you flatter yourself! what makes you think he fancies you?
·¡no seas engreída! ¿qué te hace pensar que le gustas?
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