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fix up / fijar
fix up   fix
A. -transitive verb + adverb
1. (=arrange)
[+date]   fijar
[+meeting]   fijar,   convenir
·I fixed up an appointment to see her
·concerté una cita para verla
·to fix something up [with] somebody
·quedar con somebody, someone en algo,   convenir algo con somebody, someone
2. (=repair)   arreglar
·he buys properties to fix them up
·compra casas para arreglarlas
3. (=set up, install)   instalar,   poner
·he fixed up the lighting in my flat
·instaló la iluminaciónoun de mi piso,   puso las luces de mi piso
4. (=put in order)   arreglar
·I'll have to fix the place up a bit before they arrive
·tendré que arreglar un poco la casa antes de que lleguen
5. (=provide)
·to fix somebody up with something: fix somebody up with a job
·encontrar or conseguir un trabajo para somebody, someone
·I can fix you up with a place to stay
·puedo conseguirte un sitio para alojarte
6. *
(=find partner for)
·they're always trying to fix me up with friends of theirs
·siempre estánoun intentando encontrarme un novio entre sus amigos
B. -intransitive verb + adverb
·to fix up with somebody
·arreglarlo con somebody, someone
·to fix up with somebody to
+ INFIN   convenir con somebody, someone en + infinitive
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