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finish / final
finish   [ˈfɪnɪʃ]
A. -noun
1. (=end)   final (m)
·to be in [at] the finish
·presenciar el final
·a [fight] to the finish
·una lucha a muerte
·to [fight] to the finish
·luchar a muerte
·from [start] to finish
·de principio a fin
2. (Sport)
a. [of race]   final (m)
·it'noun going to be a [close] finish
·va a ser un final reñido
·the replays showed a close finish
·la repeticiónoun mostraba que habían cruzado la meta casi a la vez
3. (=appearance)   acabado (m)
·a table with an oak finish
·una mesa con un acabado en roble
·[gloss(y)] finish
acabado (m) brillo
·[matt] finish
acabado (m) mate
·a surface with a [rough]/[smooth] finish
·una superficie sin pulir/pulida
4. (=refinement)   refinamiento (m)
·she'noun a beautiful model, but she lacks finish
·es una modelo bella, pero le falta refinamiento
B. -transitive verb
1. (=complete)   terminar,   acabar
·I've nearly finished the ironing
·casi he terminado or acabado de planchar
·what time do you finish work?
·¿a qué hora terminas el trabajo?
·I'll be finishing my course next year
·termino or acabo el curso el año que viene
·to finish [doing] something
·terminar or acabar de hacer algo
·as soon as he finished eating, he excused himself
·en cuanto terminó or acabó de comer, se excusó
2. (=use up, consume)
[+food, resources]   terminar,   acabar
·finish your soup
·termínate la sopa,   acábate la sopa
·if you finish the milk, let me know
·si terminas (toda) la leche, dímelo
3. (=round off)   rematar
·finish the dish with a sprinkling of parsley
·remate el plato espolvoreándolo con perejil
·we finished the afternoon with tea at the Ritz
·rematamos la tarde tomando en el Ritz
4. *
(=defeat, destroy)   acabar con
·that last kilometre nearly finished me
·el kilómetro final casi acabó conmigo
5. (=apply surface to)
·finish the wood with wax or varnish
·dele un acabado final a la madera con cera o barniz
C. -intransitive verb
1. (=come to an end)   terminar,   acabar
·the party was finishing
·la fiesta se estaba terminando or acabando
·have you quite finished?
·¿has acabado ya?
(=can I speak now?)   ¿puedo hablar ya?
·she finished [by] saying that ...
·terminó or acabó diciendo que ...
·I've finished [with] the paper
·he acabado el periódico,   he terminado con el periódico
·come back, I haven't finished with you yet!
·¡vuelve, que todavía no he terminado or acabado contigo!
2. (Sport)
(=end race)   terminar,   acabar
·she finished first/last
·terminó or acabó en primer lugar/en último lugar
3. (=end association)   romper,   terminar   (with   con)
·she'noun finished with him
·ha roto or terminado con él
4. (finance)
·our shares finished at \$70
·al cierre de la Bolsa, nuestras acciones se cotizaban a 70 dólares
D. -compound
·finish line   -noun
(United States)   finishing line
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