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file / lima
file   1   [faɪl]
A. -noun
(=tool)   lima (f)   (for nails)   lima (f) (de uñas)
B. -transitive verb   also file down, file away   limar
file / carpeta
file   2   [faɪl]
A. -noun
1. (=folder)   carpeta (f)
(=dossier)   archivo (m),   carpeta (f),   expediente (m)   (for example loose-leaf file)   archivador (m),   clasificador (m)
(=bundle of papers)   legajo (m)
(=filing system)   fichero (m)
·the files
·los archivos
·the Lucan file
·el expediente Lucan
·police files
·archivos policiales
·to close the file on something
·dar carpetazo a algo
·to have something on file
·tener algo archivado
·to have a file on somebody
·tener fichado a somebody, someone
2. (computing)   fichero (m),   archivo (m)
·to open/close a file
·abrir/cerrar un fichero or archivo
B. -transitive verb
1. also file away
[+notes, information, work]   archivar   (under heading)   clasificar
2. (=submit)
[+claim, application, complaint]   presentar
·to file a petition for divorce
·entablar pleito de divorcio
·to file a suit against somebody
(law, legal)   entablar pleito or presentar una demanda contra somebody, someone
C. -compound
·file clerk   -noun
(United States)   archivero (m) / archivera (f)
·file name   -noun   (computing)   nombre (m) de fichero,   nombre (m) de archivo
·file server   -noun   (law, legal)   portador (m) / portadoa (f)
file / fila
file   3   [faɪl]
A. -noun
(=row)   fila (f),   hilera (f)
·in single file
·en fila india
B. -intransitive verb
·to file in/out
·entrar/salir en fila
·to file past
·they filed past the general
·desfilaron ante el general
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