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fight / pelea
fight   [faɪt]
fought   verb: past tense   past participle
A. -noun
1. (between individuals)
1.1. (physical, verbal)   pelea (f)   (over   por)
a. to [have] a fight with somebody =   pelearse con somebody, someone,   tener una pelea con somebody, someone
b. to [look] for a fight   (physical)   buscar pelea   (verbal)   querer pelearse
·I'masculine not looking for a fight over this issue
·no quiero pelearme por este asunto
1.2. (Boxing)   combate (m),   pelea (f)
2. (military)   (between armies)   lucha (f),   contienda (f)
3. (=struggle, campaign)   lucha (f)   (for   por   (against   contra)
·the fight for justice/against inflation
·la lucha por la justicia/contra la inflaciónoun
·he won't give up without a fight
·no se rendirá sin luchar antes
a. if he tries to sack me he'll have a fight on his [hands] =   si intenta despedirme le va a costar lo suyo
4. (=fighting spirit)   ánimo (m) de lucha
·there was no fight left in him
·ya no le quedaba ánimo de lucha,   ya no tenía ánimo para luchar
·we still had a lot of fight in us
·todavía nos quedaba mucho ánimo para luchar
a. to [show] (some) fight =   mostrarse dispuesto a pelear
5. (=resistance)
a. police believe the victim [put up] a fight =   la policía cree que la víctima opuso resistencia
·they beat us but we put up a [good] fight
·nos vencieron pero nos defendimos bien
B. -transitive verb
1. (military)
[+enemy]   luchar contra,   combatir contra   (Boxing)
[+opponent]   pelear contra,   luchar contra
a. to fight a [battle]   (military)   librar una batalla   (figurative)   luchar
·I've had to fight quite a battle to get as far as this
·he tenido que luchar mucho para llegar hasta aquí
·I don't ask you to fight my battles for me
·no te pido que libres mis batallas
b. to fight a [duel] =   batirse en duelo
c. to fight somebody [for] something
·he fought the council for the right to build on his land
·se enfrentó al ayuntamiento por el derecho a edificar en sus tierras
·I'd like to fight him for the title
·me gustaría luchar or pelear contra él por el título
d. to fight one'noun [way] through a crowd =   abrirse paso a la fuerza entre una multitud
2. (=combat)
[+fire]   combatir
[+poverty, inflation, crime]   combatir,   luchar contra
[+proposal]   oponerse a
a. I've made up my mind so don't try and fight me [on] it =   lo he decidido, así que no intentes oponerte
b. I had to fight the [urge] to giggle =   tuve que esforzarme para no reír,   tuve que contener las ganas de reír
3. (=try to win)
[+campaign]   tomar parte en
[+election]   presentarse a
a. he says he'll fight the [case] all the way to the Supreme Court =   dice que si es necesario llevará el caso hasta el Tribunal Supremo
·he fought his case in various courts for ten years
·defendió su causa en varios tribunales durante diez años
b. he'noun decided to fight the [seat] for a third time   (politics)   ha decidido presentarse por tercera vez como candidato para el escaño
C. -intransitive verb
1. (=do battle)
[troops, countries]   luchar,   combatir   (against   contra)
[person, animal]   pelear   (Boxing)   luchar,   pelear
·did you fight in the war?
·¿luchó usted en la guerra?,   ¿tomó usted parte en la guerra?
·the boys were fighting in the street
·los chicos estaban peleándose en la calle
a. they'll fight to the [death] =   lucharánoun a muerte
b. I fought [for] my country =   luché por mi paínoun
c. the dogs were fighting [over] a bone =   los perros estaban peleando por un hueso
2. (=quarrel)   discutir,   pelear(se)   (with   con)
a. they usually fight [about] or [over] who pays the bills =   suelen discutir or pelear(se) por quiénoun paga las facturas
3. (=struggle)   luchar   (for   por   (against   contra)
a. to fight [against] disease/crime =   luchar contra la enfermedad/el crimen
·she was fighting [against] sleep
·luchaba contra el sueño
b. to fight [for] something/somebody =   luchar por algo/somebody, someone
·he was fighting for his life
·estaba luchando por su vida
·he was fighting for breath
·le faltaba la respiraciónoun,   respiraba con enorme dificultad
c. to go down fighting   seguir luchando hasta el fin
d. to fight shy of   rehuir,   evitar
Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged and Audio Headword Pronunciation (Spanish) 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co Ltd. 1971,1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992,1993,1996,1997,2000,2003,2005.
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