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fifth / quinto
fifth   [fɪfθ]
A. -adjective   quinto
·he came fifth in the competition
·ocupó el quinto lugar or terminó quinto en la competiciónoun
·in the fifth century
(in writing)   en el siglo see   (speaking)   en el siglo quinto or cinco
·Henry the Fifth
(in writing)   Enrique see   (speaking)   Enrique Quinto
·the fifth of July
·July the fifth
·el cinco de julio
·fifth form
(British, Great Britain)   (school)   quinto (m),   quinto curso
B. -noun
1. (in series)   quinto (m) / quinta (f)
·I was the fifth to arrive
·yo fui el quinto en llegar
·I wrote to him on the fifth
·le escribí el día cinco
2. (=fraction)   quinto (m),   quinta parte (f)
3. (music)   quinta (f)
C. -compound
·fifth column   -noun   (politics)   quinta columna (f)
·fifth columnist   -noun   (politics)   quintacolumnista masculine and feminine
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