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fear / miedo
fear   [fɪər]
A. -noun
1. (=terror)   miedo (m)
·he has overcome his fear of dogs
·ha superado su miedo a los perros
a. to be [in] fear of or for one'noun life =   temer por su propia vida
·workers at the plant frequently went in fear of their lives
·a menudo los trabajadores de la feminineábrica temían por su vida
b. to [live] in fear of something/somebody =   vivir atemorizado por algo/somebody, someone
·she lives in fear of being found out
·vive atemorizada de que la descubran
c. to have [no] fear =   no tener ningúnoun miedo
·have no fear!
(=don't be afraid)   ¡pierde cuidado!
d. fear [of] heights =   miedo (m) a las alturas
·fear of flying
miedo (m) a volar
e. in fear and [trembling] =   temblando de miedo
f. she was trembling [with] fear =   estaba temblando de miedo
g. [without] fear or favour =   con imparcialidad,   imparcialmente
h. to put the fear of God into somebody   meter el miedo en el cuerpo a somebody, someone
2. (=worry)   temor (m)
·his worst fears were confirmed
·sus mayores temores se vieron confirmados
·there are fears [that] ...
se teme que + subjunctive
·there are fears that he may be dead
·se teme que esté muerto
·there were fears that he would raise taxes
·se temía que subiera los impuestos
a. I didn't go in [for] fear of disturbing them =   no entré por temor or miedo a molestarles
·she never goes out for fear [that] it will happen again
·nunca sale por temor or miedo a que suceda de nuevo
·there are grave fears [for] their safety
·se teme enormemente por su seguridad
b. [have] no fear!   frequently humorous
(=don't worry)   ¡no se preocupe!
·you need have no fear on that score
·no tenga miedo en ese sentido
3. (=chance)   posibilidad (f)
(=danger)   peligro (m)
·there'noun not much fear of his coming
·no hay muchas posibilidades de que venga
·there'noun no fear of that!
·¡no hay peligro de eso!
·[no] fear!
*   ¡ni hablar!
B. -transitive verb
1. (=be afraid of)   temer,   tener miedo a
·I do not fear death
·no temo a la muerte,   no tengo miedo a la muerte
·he was feared and hated by his subjects
·sus nounúbditos le temían y odiaban
·to fear that
temer que + subjunctive
·we feared that he would escape
·temíamos que se escapara
·they began to fear that he was dangerous
·empezaron a temer que fuera peligroso
a. two people are missing and feared [dead] =   hay dos personas desaparecidas y se teme que hayan muerto
b. to fear the [worst] =   temer(se) lo peor
2. (=think regretfully)   temerse
·to fear that
·temerse que
·I fear that he won't come
·me temo que no vendrá
·I fear that you are right
·me temo que tiene razónoun
a. I fear you [may] be right =   me temo que tenga razónoun
b. I fear [so]/[not] =   me temo que nouní/no
3. (=respect)
[+God]   temer
C. -intransitive verb   temer
a. to fear [for] something/somebody =   temer por algo/somebody, someone
·she feared for her life
·temía por su vida
·I fear for him
·temo por él,   tengo miedo por él
b. [never] fear =   no hay cuidado *
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