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fault / defecto
fault   [fɔ:lt]
A. -noun
1. (=defect)   (in character)   defecto (m)   (in manufacture)   defecto (m),   falla (f) Latin America   (in supply, machine)   avería (f)
·with all his faults
·con todos sus defectos
·her fault is excessive shyness
·peca de tímida
·generous to a fault
·excesivamente generoso
·to find fault
·poner reparos
·to find fault with something/somebody
·criticar algo/a somebody, someone
2. (=blame, responsibility)   culpa (f)
·it'noun all your fault
· tienes toda la culpa
·it'noun not my fault
·no es culpa masculineía
·you were at fault in not telling us
·hiciste mal en no decírnoslo
·your memory is at fault
·no te acuerdas bien
·you were not at fault
·no por culpa suya
·through no fault of his own
·sin falta alguna de su parte
·whose fault is it (if ...)?
·¿quiénoun tiene la culpa (si ...)?
3. (Tennis)   falta (f)
4. (geology)   falla (f)
B. -transitive verb   criticar
·it cannot be faulted
·es intachable
·you cannot fault him on spelling
·su ortografía es impecable
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